Patricia Stroughter

Freelance Writer & Editor

Location:Detroit, Michigan, United States
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When I was six years old, I had a strong desire to be on television. I wanted to be on the TV so bad that I started asking my mom, how the people were getting on television. When my mom told me that they use a camera, that really made me curious. I used to get my dads polaroid camera, looking inside of the lens trying to figure out how to make it work so that I could get on TV. I convinced my brother that if he would help me get the TV open, we could surprise everyone by being on television when they woke up. One day my brother told my mom, which got me in trouble. Since he told on me, I decided that he did not want to be a part of it so, I would make my attempts without his help. I used to get up every morning, right before day break and before everyone woke up. I was smart enough to time it where it was light enough in the house, so that I could creep around, without turning on lights and waking someone up. I did this for several weeks before I figured out that this is not how I get on television because I was not using the camera with it. I laugh about it now because, at that time, I did not have enough sense to realize that my brother and I could have been electrocuted because, I was not unplugging the television while doing this.

I first began noticing my talent when I was in the fourth grade. I won an award from former Detroit Mayor, Coleman A. Young, for a poster I made for the “Clean Up Detroit” Campaign. When I was in the seventh and eighth grade, people would always compliment me on how good they thought my handwriting was. When I was in the tenth grade, my English teacher, Ms. Gibbs noticed my ability to write poetry. She would give me extra poem writing assignments and every single time I turned in a poem I wrote, she would always leave the classroom, to go to show it to other teachers. Since Gibbs was over the school’s Yearbook Club, she asked me if I would be the poetry writer for the school yearbook. I continued to write poems for the yearbook, until I graduated.

I really enjoyed writing and asking a lot of questions to get the facts so much that I also developed a strong interest in Journalism. A few years ago, I started writing everyday until I realized that I had written so much that I needed to go to a Broadcasting school so that I could discover how I would share the things I wrote, with the rest of the world. That led me to completing the Radio and Film Program at the Specs Howard School of Media Arts. I was still hungering for more knowledge in the industry so, I completed and eight-week “World of Post” editing workshop at the Specs Howard School. When I found out about the Digital Media Arts program, I enrolled in that. Being a student at Specs, I learned so much in radio, television and web design. I am also looking forward to learning some amazing things at Lawrence Technological University, where I will be working on my Associates Degree in Radio and Television broadcasting, after which, I will pursue my Bachelor’s Degree in Media Communications. I have been consistently writing for over six years now. I have written commercials, short films, television/radio show ideas, poetry, books, and web blogs. I am looking forward to taking everything that I have learned from the Specs Howard School of Media Arts and Lawrence Technological University, to use to create jobs.
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