Anitria Mckinney

Freelance Book Designer & Painter

Location:Forest Park, Georgia, United States
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Well I've been writing poems and books since I was in middle school and I'm now trying to make the best in life. Its hard, really hard I never imagined how hard it would be to thrive in this life. I'm trying my best to use my time wisely, and leave a mark of some kind. I stopped writing after a while because I lacked motivation. I lacked the patience and dedication it took to write a good no great book. I started back up after a while and noticed that I missed using my imagination in my books and venting through my poetry. I realized that writing is my life and it will always be apart of me. I used to draw and paint in my spare time. I still do and I'm getting better and better each time. I guess I'm a free spirit.
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Book Design