Devin Sarvaunt

Freelance Videographer & Video Editor

Location:Antioch, Tennessee, United States
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My name is Devin Sarvaunt, and I recently graduated from Watkins College of Art, Design, and Film. I have a degree in Film with a concentration in Cinematography, and have extensive experience on-set and in post-production, in positions ranging from Director of Photography to Sound Engineer to Assistant Camera. I have been working with StagePost Studios as a videographer/producer in both video production and live television for the past several months. I own a Canon T2i with a 50mm prime lens, and have worked with many other DSLRs, including 5D, 7D, C300, some experience with the RED, some Nikon cameras, and various forms of ENG cameras. I have worked with audio equipment for interviews, weddings, concerts, and broadcast television, including Audio mixers (Pix recorder, ZOOM recorder, 744T mixer, etc.), lavs and boom mics. Also, I have worked with Final Cut Pro, Avid, AfterEffects, Premiere, and various other post-production programs.
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Video Editing