Marcus Haynes

Freelance Music Composer & Script Writer

Location:United States
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The Eternal Daylight refers to the light within all of us. The light we cant always see. The light that only exists in the darkest of dark. Only when we are truly enlightened can one see the eternal daylight everywhere. My symbol is a radiant star in which is ever-glowing and pulsating to remind us that in life there can be no bad with out an equally resounding good. My music is meant to channel this light through sound.
i was born in Baltimore City, Maryland, i have three brothers and three sisters.I spent the majority of my youth in church and church related groups. I moved Aberdeen, Maryland when i was 11 years old, and have been living in the Harford County area ever since. My father died a littler more than a year ago. My mother still resides in Baltimore City. I have a small portion of my family that still lives in the area that support me in whatever I'm doing. My first big decision in life came on my first day attending Aberdeen Middle School. My guidance counselor Mrs. O asked me " Do you want to be in chorus, band, or orchestra?' I replied, "Uhh i guess chorus." And i believe i made the right choice.
I have what some people call perfect or absolute pitch which is a form of synesthesia. Instead of hearing with my ears i see the sounds as colors, or even sometimes feel the sounds as an emotion. it was first noticed by my chorus teacher in high school one day during class when he realized i could find the pitches to the song we were singing without using a piano or a pitch pipe (which he often used). He was very surprised and brought to my attention that not everybody can do that, in fact it is a rare "gift." Up until that point never seen myself as remarkable in anyway. I always thought that everyone could do that, but that is indeed not the case. It doesn't mean much now a days in a world of electronic tuning.
I'm very intuitive and sensitive to whats going on around me. My reason for creating music is to translate these sensations into something others can hear. I've always longed for others to hear the music i see and feel and i mean this quite literally. My music theory teacher in high school told us to sit in a dark room and listen to a song, concentrate and watch what you would see. And that was the first time i understood what this "gift' of perfect pitch meant. The colors were unbelievable. i could see colors that couldn't be seen with the ***** eye. Most people will go their whole live with out seeing these kinds of colors. These experiences are ever-present in my songs, lyrics and poetry.
After high school i worked at McDonald's to pay for college. I attended Harford Community College to study acting. I had already mastered music so i decided to try something new. i performed in a few plays even directed one. What i learned most from acting was that i had no real life experience to be able to put myself in a characters circumstances and do the character any justice. So for the last few yeas I've been getting life experience. And now I'm gonna be a force to be reckoned with.
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