Freelance 3D Animator & Digital Artist

Location:Montreal, Quebec, Canada
2 Skills
Soft ware: Maya, Zbrush, Photoshop, shake. AE. 3ds max. Motionbulider. XSI. Unreal Engine. Other engine Etc.
Language: English. Chinese.


2010.7 – This Day: UBISoft Shang Hai.

Level: Expert animator ( the expert means can be a director , leader, and training the other people )
Project: N*** (a TV series game on the process )

2007.7 - 2010.6 : EPIC GAMES CHINA , Outsourcing project Manager / Animation Director

Since 2007 I’ve participated in the manufacture plenty of outsourcing projects including:
TERA [South Korea]
UFC2010 . [Japan] Etc.
And several other projects that EPIC U.S.A studio have been working.
[Unreal Tournament 3] [Gears Of War 2- 3 ] Etc.

So.I think I’m be familiar with TV game, PC game, and RPG, FPS, MMO ,many different type games.
In the company, I am Designated the art resources specification, responsible to plan Characters concept and Environments Objects,
Collect the art resources and export it to engine, supervision the smoothness of the game play.
Also I’ve provides the art resources technical specification support to the other Company that who used the Unreal Engine in Asia.

For Animation I also working with Mocap Data. Even to be an actor.
well , This part is my most excels.
Many home personnel of popular action game, also from the animator.

Because animation needs to consider the engine, programmers, model, and the development process of the games.
So it makes me very familiar with the development of the whole game and the software restrictions. also with the new software and technology.
In addition
I also be good at model and the others.

SpecialtiesGame Animation modeling painting
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3D Animation
Digital Art