David Choi

Freelance Language Translator & Office Manager

Location:South Korea
2 Skills

Name: David Don-Young Choi
Date of birth: May 15, 1961
***: Male:
Address: #201, Kum Ho Best Ville,
Shin Sa Dong 5-32, Eun Pyung Gu, Seoul
Postal code: 122-879
Phone: +82-19-378-4105, +82-70-8930-4151
e-mail: dulywork@luxmail.com or dulywork@gmail.com

- Master's Degree in Public Administration at In-Ha Univ. in 1992
- General Manager's Program at Graduate School at Hawaii Univ.

Work History:
- Free Lancer Based Work in homeland Korea (May 2005~Present 2011)
. Poultry Products Export Research Center Coordinator (Apr ~Oct 2010)
. Engaged of Koran Mining Company in Philippines Affairs (Aug. 2005)
. Solving problems of exported machine for Swiss Military Camp (2005)
. Joining of legal tender affairs of UNESCAP for Thailand company (’05)
. Participating of free lancer for daily economic newspaper (’06~’07)
. Connecting affairs among the advanced technology owners in Korea
* Working as the Professional Technology Transfer Agent (present)
. Coordinating work among business owners as the free lancer (’05~’09)
. Setting up of an oversea office upon requested case (’06~’09)
. Coordinator’s work among the Korean business owners ‘06~’09)

- Korea Industrial Research Institute (July. 2004 ~ April. 2005)
. Managing Legal Tenders for Academic Affairs
. Coordinating local government strategic planning
. Set up co-operated work among the research workers

- New Korea Iraqi Total Service Group in Iraq ( Mar. 2004 ~ April 2004)
. Manage Local employees in Iraq
. Set up oversea branch office in Baghdad
. Did legal tendering affairs
. In charge of budget affairs for employees and coordinating affairs
. Did management of Budgets for oversea branch offices
. Security Equipment Affairs (Buyers Matters and Demonstration etc.)
. Did general manager regarding personnel matters and local employees
. Suggesting creative idea to enlarge business scale

- Non Profit Organizations’ Employee (Nov. 2001 ~ Dec. 2003)
1) Korea Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Association
- Set up strategic plans for domestic pharmaceutical markets trends.
- Link to National Assembly members to push up legal limits
- Did coordinators’ work for member companies such as Tax system
- Management work for press companies for public relationship
- Get governmental subsidy for new drug developing systems.
- Research Pharmaceutical affairs for industry development
- Push the limit of legal limit for pharmaceutical companies in Korea
- Did coordinating works for visitors to from overseas
- In Charge of Korea National Assembly Affairs, legal matters.

2) Health Industry Venture Association
- Investors’ affairs (coordinator’s work for business members)
- Connect among oversea market lines and domestic market lines
- Edit bi-weekly paper for member, connect to government bureaus

- Sang Won International Trading Corp (May. 2000~Oct. 2000)
. Explored oversea markets from S.Korea to North America
. Sold idea based products
. Offer affairs for computer assembly parts
. Setup three oversea offices over with enlarging trading business

- Promoted job skills and worked in Canada (May, 1994 ~ Feb. 2001)
. GMCC, AVC, Alberta College, etc.
- Get highest marks at ESL Trade Course in Edmonton
. Took general computer operator's courses
- MS Word, Excel, Database, Html, Power Point, etc.
. Got apprenticeship at auto mechanic field
. Promoted job skills at international business sector
-Read almost maximum volumes of renter’s from a Public Library
-Exchange personal letters with Premier of Alberta
. Rocky Mountain Bicycle Ltd in Vancouver, Canada
. On side restoration services Ltd in Vancouver, Canada

- Served as the Military Officer in Korea June (June. 1982 ~ Dec. 1985)
. Set up the project of strategic manual for military vehicle driver
. Did Project work as instructor at military transportation school.
. General management for officer’s camp sites
. In Charge of general military officer’ duties
. Joined at Military Vehicle Manual Team at Transportation School
. Did inspector’s affairs for the evaluation of strategic driving affairs
. Commander’s affairs for the Newly registered Solders’ at the camp.

- Public Sector in Korea (June. 1981 ~ Apr. 1994)
. In Charge of legal tender for housing complexes management
. Project based work with land compensation for housing const. sites
. Legal tender affair for general local government budget management
. Set up new benefit system of the management for public employees'
. Joined at management and water supply systems Bureau in Korea
. Project based work as new member for In-Chon Intl. Airport project
. Set up new systems of human resources management project
. In Charge of Civil Defense Development Work for local government
. Management of government occupied property at local government
. Setting up local government budget system and research work
. Joined urban development projects at the local development bureau
. Engaged at In-Cheon International Airport project as the Key Agent.
. Engaged at In-Cheon Cyber Song-Do island town as the employee.