Brandon gross

Freelance Portrait Artist & Business Card Designer

Location:Middletown, Ohio, United States
Phone: 9372045204
2 Skills
I'm a portrait artist really photo realism art in general but I have love and talent for all art. I'm a man that has had a long hard life and past not so great but I'm taking a chance and giving this my all and trying to make my own way the honest way in life I just need a chance so I can live out my dream of leaving a mark or better yet dent in the art world. If your looking for art that has a man's heart, soul and passion in whatever the piece or project may be than I humbly ask for you to please give me a shot at your request and maybe just maybe end up with a piece that many will view as a slice of American history! Thank you for taking the time to look at my profile and seeing my motivations. Have a blessed day