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Kristiann Marini

Freelance Children's Book Illustrator & Painter

Location:Portland, Oregon, United States
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I am an artist. I specialize in prisma colored pencil drawings and watercolor paintings, but I am always trying new media and taking on new projects. I'm currently finishing up my second children's book, this one will be available as both a printed book and an ebook. I'm ready to start my next project.

As a continually growing artist I find that my work is about discovery. The process of experimenting with new mediums and techniques excites me. Therefore, my work is always changing and developing. Although the works themselves appear different, the muse and subject matter are often similar. I draw inspiration from everything around me; nature, shape, color, people, culture, and emotion spark my imagination. My finished pieces either abstractly or representationally show the way I desire the world to be. With an optimistic view of the world, I look to nature as beauty surpassing anything an individual can create. My goal is to show the viewer the splendor they might overlook. Being born in the Pacific Northwest I am lucky to have been closely surrounded by the brilliance of nature. Every day growing up in this serene environment, I would see the way the rain falls on the trees, snowcapped mountains, and lush green foliage encompassing my world. Now observation has become an everyday occurrence, no matter where I find myself.

Along with visual interest, I want to create emotion for the viewer. I not only want people to see the beauty in my final product; I want to evoke a feeling in the viewer that causes them to reflect on a personal experience.