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Andrew Joseph Smith

Freelance Music Producer & Audio Editor

Location:Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
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I am passionate in the pursuit of excellence, attention to detail and transparency of creative expression in the field of Audio Engineering, to work in a variety of settings in the post-production/production industry, and enhance my skills and gain knowledge in all aspects of the communication field.

I am always keen on hearing other peoples music and helping them make the most of the ideas they have. I will not be able to make an untalented individual sound better than they are, but I do strive to bring talent that exists, even if it is hidden. I am a musician myself and so I bring an innate understanding of music to my work.

I have written songs for a number of people, mostly of political/philosophical/spiritual content. I am always keen to be challenged by subject matter.

I also design t-shirts, and have been involved with advertising design and photography. To this end I keep my hand in with Photoshop and vector software.
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Music Production
Audio Editing