Zeevahnia Hough

Freelance Writer & Nature Photographer

Location:Brookfield, Vermont, United States
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I am an enthusiastic writer and especially passionate when expressing the truth. I believe words can be warriors and I will never let anyone take my ability to write away from me. I will never be silenced and will always be grateful for the written word!

I write a weekly article for the local paper. My voice has been an outlet. I believe having a voice and using it, is what makes us courageous people.

I enjoy writing about gardening, history, nature,ethics and writing people.

Discovering people behind their "work" is inspiring to me. Writing about the talent behind the person who created a stone wall or a painting….Acknowledging skilled workers who deserve to be seen and tell their story behind their craft is really exciting for me.

Bringing to life what may have not seen the light in a long time…and never being afraid to tell the truth….I don't like contrived stories, I like stories that are written for the heart, From the Heart!
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Nature Photography