Amy Orr

Freelance Editor & Proofreader

Location:London, Ontario, Canada
2 Skills
I am a professional science fiction writer with degrees in astrophysics and finance. I am proficient with a variety of computer programs and languages, with a special focus on database design, programming and management, but prefer to work with the written word when possible! I am available as a proofreader and content editor.

I offer proofreading and editing services and will bring a keen eye for detail to your project; I have experience in (science) fiction writing, financial writing (with a focus on quantitative-based reports) and scientific writing. I also help non-native English speakers polish professional or personal documents to a very high standard. I work mainly to the Strunk & White style but can adopt others if needed.

I am detail-oriented and can work through a variety of document formats and types to: correct spelling and punctuation; condense text to fit a word count; smooth language and ensure consistent style, tense, punctuation and construction; assist with sentence structure and idea flow. I am famiIiar with both British (UK) and North American (US & Canadian) spelling and language conventions and norms and can work to either specification. I can work in almost any Linux or Windows compatible document format.
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