Guillermo "Bill" Borges

Freelance Real Estate Photographer & Product Photographer

Location:Miami, Florida, United States
2 Skills
I am an experienced professional photographer working out of the South Florida area willing to travel.
My past experience have been Corporate, family portraits as well as product/commercial photography.
However I am transitioning to real estate photography
I am well versed with post production work (Light Room and Photoshop) and have all my equipment adapted to function from my vehicle.
I also have the ability (thru a special soft ware I subscribe to) to place images of the listing on to MLS and Social Media thru a link I provide.
I am also a consultant for properties with code violations,legalizing of illegal constructions (20 years in Code Enforcement City of Miami)
Thru my years of experience, I have also planned many events and assisted the Vice President of operations in the private sector