Alvin Ho

Freelance Digital Artist & Illustrator

Location:United States
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I am Alvin Ho, a fresh graduated young concept artist from FZD School of design.

I have always been passionate about creating new designs ever since i was made aware of the industry 2 years back. Within the past few years, i've been training and with my homework, i've uploaded a lot of my work to my personal gallery site ( I have received strong and positive feedback from professionals in the industry and from my lecturers from school. I have had much contact with other concept artists, being contributor to the community of In the other hand, i been trained as a 3D modeller/Animator in TheOneAcademy in Malaysia, 3D has been a great tools for me to creating new 2d concept. I play video games on free time and take great pleasure in learning about lore and most importantly, Get Inspired! When i have time, i put on shoes and earphone and take a long steady walks to explore the city, i found it relaxing to see what is happening around and the details of every corner.
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Digital Art