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Maya 3D generalist. 4 years experience with a highly enthusiastic spirit and a diligent work ethic, with a deep commitment to achieving visual excellence. I am a self starter always taking initiative, pushing for progress, always rolling forward so I never grow moss.

Modeling and texture artist for environments and characters. The conceptualizing process is probably one of the things I enjoy most. I still practice both drawing and digital painting.

Maya 2011
Zbrush 4.0
Photoshop CS5
After Effects CS5
Premiere CS5
Illustrator CS5
UDK 2011
3DS Max 2010

Imarion January 5th to April 15th 2011(
-3D Generalist
-Responsible for entire CG scenes, mainly worked as a modeler, texture and layout artist. Lighting and setting up render layers and render settings.
-Working closely with producers and directors to achieve artistic vision.
-Communicating and cooperating with other artists, wrapping up 3 projects.

Caracter Communications GMBH 2009-2010 (
-3D generalist and supervisor for all 3D animation developments.
-My responsibilities also include consulting for sales strategy, quoting and maintaining budget limits, defining deadlines and hitting them, defining artistic and technical limitations, mediating between parties and finding solutions.

Neo-Naga 2006-2010 (
-Generalist, specializing in modeling, texturing and animation. Duties also include illustrating, logo design, editing, rendering, lighting and compositing.
-Responsible for creating and assembling content for website, tasks include creating demo reels, fliers, business cards and all copy. I work directly with clients and manage outsourced talents for productions.

“Things you need to know”
( 3D Generalist
Imarion Client: Discovery Channel

To be aired in August, 2011. A mainly 2D motion graphics educational show for kids. An art direction reference to the show would be “Little Big Planet”. I was the sole 3D artist responsible for all CG scenes and assets in episode 1 doing all Modeling texturing, animations and layout. Continued on to Modeling and texturing one of the main assets in Episode 2, the mega roller coaster called the Hurricane as well as creating minor assets, also laying out, lighting and being solely responsible for rendering all scenes on the render farm, completing the season on schedule.

“Greatest Tank Battles” Season7, Episode2
( Layout Artist
Imarion Client: History channel
Worked as a layout artist. Importing terrain, particles, environment assets and setting scenes up to match pre-viz. Setting up lighting and render layers. Ready files for render farms.

“Mighty Ships” Season 4, Episode 4
( 3D Generalist
Imarion Client: Discovery channel
Responsible for 5 entire scenes, modeling and texturing the mighty Super Ferry (Stena Britannica). Working out storyboards and interpreting blue print designs. Figuring out the functions of ship's stabilizer arms, high tech hydraulic ramps, the 13 floors and their compartments. I worked closely with the producer and director, setting up cameras and animations, while aiding in minor asset creations on other ships(Skandi Artic). I worked on very tight deadlines in a very fast paced environment.

“Coloclean, instructional medical video” ( CG Supervisor/Lead artist
Caracter Communications Client: Medtech
Developed design concepts and storyboards with account executive. Aided in developing a working pipeline by stream-lining client communication objectives, production manager's goals, sound/music designs and effects artist into one final cohesive composite. Managed shaders, modeled and textured all assets, primary rigger and animator, also created the whole motion graphics segment to illustrate product functionality. Finalized composite, time adjustments, editing\adding text and graphic designs. Outputting final video formats.

“Inteci, Motion graphics commercial “ ( Lead artist
Neo-Naga Client: Inteci
Main animator, created all motion graphics, and combined 2D/3D assets and animations. Maintained integrity of the product and team morale by remaining focused and offering rational solutions. Editing and compositing scenes , also outputting final formats.

“Dental care, trade-show video” CG Supervisor/Lead artist
Caracter Communications Client: Dr. Meyenberg
Followed the set advertising objectives to create a medical infomercial. Fully modeled, and textured the tooth incisor. Responsible for all tooth animations and x-ray special effects. Composited all scene layers and created the final output.

Sheridan College Post Graduate
Oakville, ON
Computer Animation 2005 – 2006

Sheridan College Diploma
Oakville, On
Illustration 2001- 2005
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