Olesya Gerasymenko

Freelance Russian Translator & Personal Assistant

Location:United States
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Olesya Gerasymenko
5328 W. Roscoe Ave. Chicago, IL 60641
Phone: (818) 280-7975 E-Mail: usa.daoin@gmail.com

About me Born and raised in Kyiv, Ukraine, I speak Ukrainian, Russian, and English fluently, and have worked and traveled throughout the country, including Crimea. During Maidan, I was active in the Ukrainian diaspora, and was head of a fund that raised over $100,000 for the families of the fallen, the “Nebesna Sotnya”, or “Heavenly Hundred”.
Education Linguistic State University in Kyiv, Ukraine September 1996- July 2001 Bachelors degree – English/Russian/Ukrainian (professional interpreter program)
Customer Service Rep – BayRu LLC June 2014- September 2014 Responsibitilities: interpreting, resolving customer concerns&helping them navigate websites; reconciling cultural differences; tracking orders; expediting the shipping process; complying with regulations and procedures.
Assistant to Olena Podoleva, Vice President, Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce October 2008-January 2013 Responsibilites: interpreting, organizing events; public relations; administrative support; monitoring and supervising administrative staff; research; writing; international official correspondence; preparing reports, presentations, and briefing papers; recruiting junior staff; delegating responsibilities; booking travel arrangements for management.
Guide, Ukraine Culture Programs, cruise liners "Chervona Ruta”,“Marshal Koshevoy”May 2006-October 2010 Responsibilities: tour groups of 20 and 50 English speaking guests, from airport pickup through airport dropoff; organizing over a dozen tour itineraries annually; liaison between the cruise operator and tour operators; customer satisfaction; customizing itineraries; promotional materials; scheduling for groups and individuals; escorting passengers onboard; leading tours to factories, public buildings, museums in Kiev, Kaniv, Zaporizhiya, Odessa, Kherson, Sevastopol, Yalta, Bahchisarai; compliance with tour operator and cruise line regulations and safety practices.
Chemical/Production Materials Buyer, Coca Cola Beverages-Ukraine June 2005-September 2005
Responsibilities: interpreting, buyer specialist in purchasing department, negotiated and placed orders for laboratory/plant chemicals, materials, goods necessary for manufacture/bottling of Coca-Cola, Sprite and Fanta.
l Sales Manager, Helios Paint and Dye (Slovenia) October 2004-May 2005 Responsibilities: interpreting, translating negotiated contracts with major Ukrainian construction companies; acted as a consultant on proper use and and application of dyes and paints; analysis of clients' techniques
l Logistics, Sales, Production/Delivery specialist, preform plant "Alex Pack" March 2002-October 2004 Responsibilities: interpreting, liasion to the Board of Directors; assistant to the sales department; promoted to a management position in logistics, coordinating work between financial, sales , plant and delivery departments.
“Interrybtorg” (Russian fishing concern with operations in Denmark, Norway) July 2001-March 2002 Responsibilities: interpreting, secretarial, translation and interpretive services; administrative support; intimately involved in the process of negotiating industrial-scale fish purchases, sales, and deliveries; assistant to the President and owner