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Shreya Suthar

To obtain a full-time position as a Software Developer.

• Banasthali University, Jaipur, India, May 2013. M.Tech., Information Technology.
• Banasthali University, Jaipur, India, July 2011. B.Tech., Information Technology.

• System, Tools and Applications : Drupal (html), Visual Studio (.net), AppInventor (android), DotNetDuke (.net).
• Languages and Office Tools : C, C++, C#, SQL, HTML, ASP.NET, MS Office tools.

e-Inqwest PLC
Intern (Software Engineer) India
June 2012 – June 2013
Gesture Based Clinic Appointment System:
• Developed an interface for patients to take appointment number in a new way(using hand gestures).
• Used Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Express for writing, testing and debugging code.
Application for Windows 8 Operating System – “Todlearn”:
• Learning application for kids providing information about animals, birds, fruits etc. basically transforming the text learning to more interactive, responsive and engrossing.
• Used Visual Studio, HTML5 and CSS for building the application.
Android Application Development:
• Design and developed an mobile application called ‘Funny Jungle’ using MIT AppInventor for Android platform.
• Learning application designed keeping kids in mind. Simple interface, informative and easy navigation as key aspects.
• End to end testing and debugging of application on physical mobile devices and emulator.
• Researching and editing media(audio and pictures) meeting industry standards(.png, .wav) and device specification.
• Researched different patterns and combination of voice and images to provide enhanced user experience and enriched learning.
Job Portal Website Development:
• Designed a website which offers internship opportunities to students.
• Writing and editing HTML code using DRUPAL. Desigining page layout, managing SQL database and content editing.
eCommerce Webstore Development:
KarROX Limited
Intern (Software Engineer) India
June – Dec 2010
• Designed a fully-featured and functional Webstore for online shopping.
• Key design features include management of customer accounts, store inventory, shopping cart, customer registration, login information and order status.
• Webstore also allows merchants to setup new business lines & perform sales transactions over internet.
• Designed in using C# and SQL database.


Banasthali University – M.Tech.
Project - Rajasthan Heritage Trip India
Sept 2011 – Dec 2011
• Designed a website offering online travel plans and tour services to customers who wish to go for a trip across Rajasthan; offers two kinds of services: (a) Regular Tour and (b) Customized Tour.
• Regular Tour provides standardized tour packages with day and city-wise schedule displayed as output depending upon the type of trip and range of budget as selected by the customer.
• Customized Tour offers flexibility to customers by allowing them to select number of days, budget and cities; the tour is planned based on customer’s inputs with daily schedule displayed as output.
• Designed in using C# and SQL database
Banasthali University – B.Tech.
Project – Online Examination Platform India
Mar 2011 – May 2011
• Designed a Java based platform for conducting online examinations with maximum duration of 60mins.
• Key design features include readability of questions and answers in a single frame, unidirectional selection of questions, time-limited examination and display of total marks obtained at the end of examination.
• Active participation in a Workshop on ******* conducted by IIT Roorkee.
• Active participation in Robokriti workshop; designed a robot under the guidance of faculty.
• Interned at Jindal Polybuttons Limited to study the software used in designing of buttons.
• Worked as a volunteer in Woburn Public Library, MA.
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