Susan Bowman

Freelance Graphic Designer & Writer

Location:Delmar, New York, United States
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A native of Petersburg, Virginia, I now reside near Albany, NY and enjoy working from home as a freelance writer/editor, graphics designer, inspirational speaker, and home-based travel agent. My passions are writing, traveling, and “people,” and my goals are to publish my writing, travel and write about the places I visit, and meet and work with as many people as I can along the way.

I have achieved two of those goals with my published memoir entitled “Lady Father” and more from all over the world - from Australia to India and LA to New York City, even South Africa. My business is called SB Unlimited because what I can do and love to do knows no bounds! I have written numerous eBooks, articles, and website copy, as well as created graphics presentations for my many clients. My memoir was published in May, 2011.

Freelance Virtual Assistant 2006 – Present
As a self-employed Virtual Assistant, I contract through with clients all over the world. Duties include: scheduling, correspondence, record-keeping, creating forms, graphics presentations, writing/editing letters and other copy, maintaining business details, and emailing.

Senior Staff Writer, Our Heritage Magazine, San Antonio, TX 2010-Present
As the Senior Editor of Our Heritage Magazine from May 2010-April 2011, I built the magazine’s web site twice, wrote feature articles, recurring columns, lead stories and edited all copy. Re-hired as a Senior Staff Writer in February 2012, I now write lead stories, emails, newsletters, feature articles from personal interviews, and letters for the publisher.

Freelance Writer/Editor, Self-Employed - SB Unlimited, Delmar NY 2006-Present
As a self-employed freelance writer, I write e-books, books, articles, and web copy. I proofread, edit, re-write essays, books, articles, etc, prepare business reports with formatting, and develop training courses (on-site and online) for businesses. I write articles about the many places to which I have travelled from tiny Willsboro Bay on Lake Champlain to Rome, South Africa, and Jerusalem. My most recent trip of note was to South Africa and I am preparing a series of articles based on that magical experience - I met an elephant up close and personal and soared through the air in a Microlight (a cross between a 3-wheeled motorcycle and a parasail) over the Western Province of South Africa. I have a long list of places I have visited and places I want to visit so that I can write about this great world.

Travel Specialist, AAA Hudson Valley, Albany, NY 2007-2010
As a Travel Specialist I prepared TripTiks for members, helped them plan vacations, road trips, and tours. I booked flights, hotels, and rental cars and helped them through the pages of the Tour Books, showing them how to find a highly rated hotel or an attraction that offered a AAA discount on tickets. My many return customers loved my thorough search for just the right places for them to visit and my determination to ensure that they had the best trip possible. I also wrote articles for the Going Places magazine of our club.

College of William & Mary, BA Philosophy, 1969
University of the South, School of Theology, Masters of Divinity, 1984

Writing, re-writing, ghost-writing (books, e-books, emails, articles, newsletters, letters, instructional courses and articles, blogs)
Computer use (Microsoft Word Suite 2010 for PC & Mac, Apple Pages, Graphics software and programs),
Excellent grammar use
Computer peripherals (wifi, printers, scanners, Skype)
Record keeping & organization

Virginia Fluet, Planner & travel client (
The Rev. Darius Mojallali, Priest (

"How to Build an Outhouse"
"How to NOT Succeed on the Internet"
Articles for Freelance clients and other projects:
The Business Plan
Presentation and a Dress Code
Project Planning & Development - A Group Continuing Education Course
Project Planning & Development - An Individual Online Course
Organizational Charts
How to Build & Keep Loyal Customer Relationships
Vision and Mission
Employing and Taking Care of the Right Team
After-Sales, Service
Phone Scripts
Articles for Freelance clients and other projects:
Saving Your Marriage by Making Your Marriage Worth Saving
Marriage – a Bed of Roses?
A Business Plan – an E-book
Four Squidoo lenses online
Marriage Preparation
Ten Articles on Cooking with Crock Pots
Five Biographical Sketches for
Copy for numerous websites
Web Page Ads for Condominiums (used Page Breeze html editor)
Ads for Restaurants
Edited and reformatted articles (Microsoft Publisher) for 24 online newsletters
Edited and re-wrote book on Thailand as a retirement home for Americans
Edited book on marrying in China and immigrating spouse to the U.S.
Ecological Program for Churches, with complete kits for compliance
Ghostwriter and editor of “Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome” – an E-book
Co-Author of “Mindset 4 Success” – an E-book (to be published in 2013)
Edited professional recommendation letters for two clients – immigration
Articles for Freelance clients and other projects:
Personal Gift E-book for client covering eight years of marriage
Edited college essays for international students
Edited website and wrote E-mail marketing for
Blogs and newsletters for
Travel articles – Going Places – AAA Hudson Valley
Wrote and edited articles/website copy for Our Heritage Magazine as Sr. Editor
Articles for Freelance clients and other projects:
Edited 250 articles for National Psychologist blog
Numerous press releases for clients
Outline for new book for two clients
Completed memoir – “Lady Father” – published and released May 16
Marketing “Lady Father” through articles, Facebook, etc.
Wrote eBook – GLAMFIT Secrets Revealed
Summary Notes for “The Shack” – Published online at Barnes and Noble
Articles for Freelance clients and other projects:
Travel Itinerary for - 4-day Tour-Johannesburg/Pretoria, So Africa
Built and continue to maintain four websites:
Website copy, articles, posts, and marketing materials four sites
20 articles on professional and amateur golfing skills
Edited “Incarnational Ministry: Living into the Body of Christ,” a book by the
Assistant Bishop of Eastern North Carolina
Unpublished articles “Meet the Culture, Not Just the Sights” and “Up in the Air”
based on my South Africa trip and Microlight flight
Blogposts and articles for web sites
Webcopy, proposals, and presentations for Atamela Tours
Articles for Our Heritage Magazine
Articles for Freelance clients and other projects
Articles for Our Heritage Magazine
Virtual Executive Legal Assistant – Rice Law Group, New York, NY
Various projects and positions with clients from online freelance sites
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Graphic Design