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Kathryn Hardaway

Freelance Social Marketer & Salesperson

Location:Greenville, South Carolina, United States
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Kathryn Hardaway
Digital Socialista Creating Engaging Conversation, Online Presence & Relationships

I love to build online presence and promote companies through word of mouth marketing utilizing
social media's megaphone.
I am an enthusiastic, passionate and curious, yet quick adapter of new technology; digital & word of
mouth marketing (including the use of social media tools) and I have the drive to become number
one...and help my clients soar. Having 10+ years experience in restaurant management,
telecommunication sales & point of sale software & hardware sales, I have been freelancing my
services for the last 3 years helping local companies create and define their online presence.
I am pursuing an opportunity within a progressive, growing and sustainable organization that can use
my strong and successful leadership & interpersonal skills and allow me to use my outside of the box
thinking. I served as Director of Sponsor Relations & was responsible for corporate sponsorships for
Social Story Conference in 2010 and I have done several successful brand ambassador campaigns.
Currently, I am teaching myself both SEO tactics and strategies & Adobe Creative Suite 5 with my
goal to be proficient by the end of 2011.
I'll make a deal with you...give me the opportunity to help rock your company's world...then, stand
back and WATCH ME.
the "hub" or the "connect the dots" of several online and business networks bringing others together,
tech savvy, FIRESTARTER, creative writer, online marketing, digital media, new media, sales
superstar, blogger, brand ambassador, tribal leader, promoter, comic enthusiast, laughing (it's
needed in ANY job), dreamer AND a doer
Proud Provocateur, Sassy Socialista & Interactive Instigator #49 at Socialight Marketing
March 2010 - Present (1 year 8 months)
Editor & Socialista at Feté Magazine
October 2010 - May 2011 (8 months)
Building readership base to create best local emag in Greenville using social media tools. Featured
writer, blogger & chief troublemaker
1 recommendation available upon request
Director of Sponsor Relations at Social Story Conference/BitTyrant
August 2010 - February 2011 (7 months)
Promoting Social Story Conference, beginning in Greenville SC. Creating strong relationships with
sponsors BEFORE.DURING.& AFTER. What's YOUR Story?
Discover, Develop and Deliver Your story. Become Unique.
3 recommendations available upon request
Bookkeeper/Accounts Payable/public Relations at Hardstone Development, LLC
September 2003 - December 2010 (7 years 4 months)
This is a commercial real estate development company that my husband and his partner, Chuck
Stone began in 2001. I was hired on as their bookkeeper, but quickly moved to the manager
position handling all banking relationships and proposals, payroll, audits, delegating of jobs,
accounts payable and receivable and site development. I still handle all of his banking relationships,
but the bookkeeping is now outsourced.
Direct responsibility for accounting, finance, forecasting, strategic planning, job costing, legal,
management, deal analysis and negotiations, investor relationships and partnership compliance
August 2002 - November 2003 (1 year 4 months)
I sold high-end point of sale (MICROS) computer hardware, software and help desk support to
mainly restaurants, bars and hotels. I was responsible for weekly sales reports, forecasts,
proposals and creating long term relationships with the customer. Consulting with local
restauranteurs and key partners to customize a turnkey solution for their unique operational needs.
Selling point of sale hardware and software uniquely made for each individual restauranteur.
Integrating people with technology through point of sale. Responsible for weekly and monthly sales
forecasts, cold calling and relationship building and maintaining.
Retail Sales Manager at Metrocall
August 2000 - August 2002 (2 years 1 month)
Account Executive at Creative Loafing
August 1999 - March 2000 (8 months)
Front of House General Manager at Sassafras Southern Bistro
April 1998 - August 1999 (1 year 5 months)
I was hired as General Manager and opened this new restaurant in Downtown Greenville, SC in
spring 1998. Daily duties included money handling and balancing ledgers, bar and food
inventory,front of house-bar-host schedules, vendor ordering, payroll, hiring and firing of all
employees and
fire extinguisher.
Social Networking Websites
Community Management
Word Of Mouth Marketing
Online Community Management
Greenville Technical College
Studied Nursing
Honors and Awards
Georgia recipient of the "I Dare You" national leadership award 1990
Georgia nominee and National Semifinalist of Walt Disney "Doers and Dreamers" leadership award
Kathryn Hardaway
Digital Socialista Creating Engaging Conversation, Online Presence & Relationships
4 people have recommended Kathryn
"Kathryn is the goods. She is insightfull, driven and passionate about her work. I could not dream
up a better person to help me with Fete."
— Jay Spivey, Publisher, Fete Greenville, managed Kathryn at Feté Magazine
"In the "Social Story" project, we had tons of enthusiasm, many fine speakers but no roadmap
which to guide the creation of the event. With this mishmash of enthusiasm and walking-in-the-dark,
Kathryn took on the job description of finding sponsors. It is a huge credit to her abilities that she
garnered such excellent support with nothing more to go on than being able to offer the promise of
"magic beans" to the sponsors. She not only gained quality sponsorship for the event but also
helped the sponsors enthusiastically participate in the actual event. She was an amazing team
— Sean Buvala, Director, Creation Company Consultants, worked directly with Kathryn at Social
"Kathryn's marketing and social media skills represent a special blend of insight, passion and
dedication rarely seen in one person. She is voracious in her research and exceedingly "edgy" in
applying the strategies that really work. It is about results and Kathryn delivers. Zeal and zest come
to mind."
— Jay Spivey, Publisher, Fete Greenville, managed Kathryn at Fete
"Kathryn puts a lot of creativity and pazazz into developing businesses through events such as
Social Story. She is a very hard worker and builds long lasting relationships. If you are looking for
away to create something new and exciting for your organization Kathryn and the team at Bit Tyrant
are the team for you! I am looking forward to working with Kathryn in the near future."
— Tonya Cash, Account Executive, Keys Printing, was with another company when working with
Kathryn at Social Story
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