Jennica Lounsbury

Freelance 3D Animator & Medical Illustrator

Location:Toronto, Ontario, Canada
2 Skills
I am currently employed as a game storyline and mission writer for an online science platform in Toronto, creating educational games for kids. I studied digital animation and modelling at Centennial College, a certification I pursued in order to work as a medical modeler and animator. My skills are versatile, and I am able to model or animate in any style, for any industry. I have an undergraduate degree from Dalhousie University in Psychology and Neuroscience, and I have a great passion for science, especially microbiology (but truthfully, everything from astronomy to zoology piques my interest). I am also an artist, I paint and draw, and I write and also write music. I love science/art and art/science, and I love when art is fun, or fascinating in new ways.