Farid Alkhafaji

Freelance Arabic Translator & Language Translator

Location:United States
2 Skills
Farid F. Alkhafaji
107 East Crest Way,
Madison, AL 35758
Email: ffa0001@alumni.uah.e

Presently, I am working for i3 Corporation, Huntsville Alabama as an English-Arabic and Arabic- English translator, Interpreter, and cultural advisor. I translate English technical manuals (Fixed and rotary wing aircrafts maintenance manuals) into Iraqi Arabic. I am the senior interpreter in all Middle East contract negotiations and business conferences i3 sponsors with Iraqi and Arab (Saudi, Libyan) senior officials. I teach Iraqi Arabic to my i3 colleagues to enhance their job performance and interaction with our customers. In addition, I provide extensive consultation to the senior management on the intricacies of the political factions, tribal, and cultural influences on conducting business in the Middle East and particularly in Iraq. I am an American citizen with two Master’s Degrees in English from the University of Alabama in Huntsville (UAH) and from Washington International University. I have more than six years of experience in teaching Iraqi Arabic dialect and Iraqi traditions and customs to U.S. military and civilians deployed in Iraq.
During the operation Iraq Freedom, under contract with L3 Corporation I was assigned to work with U.S. and coalition forces in Iraq. From 2005-2007, I worked for U.S. and NATO senior officers as an interpreter, translator, and cultural advisor. As part of my service to U.S. military forces I was primarily assigned duties as linguist/interpreter for meetings and negotiations with senior Iraqi and U.S. government officials and as an instructor. Under the supervision of the U.S. military officers, I was the lead linguist/integrator for the development, training and operation of the first Iraqi National Command Center. I taught Iraqi army officer’s computer skills and English Language at the Iraqi Ministry of Defense. At the end of 2007 as an appreciation to my services and strongly endorsed by my U.S. military senior officer supervisors, the U.S. Government issued my family an immigrant visa under the DOD linguist/interpreter visa program. A few months after my arrival to the U.S. from 2008-2012, I was hired by QinetiQ Corp, North America as a translator, interpreter, and cultural advisor to handle the technical translation, cultural needs, and instruction to our employees deployed in Iraq. In July 2012, I was hired by i3 Corp to the same responsibilities I performed for QinetiQ Corporation of North America.
In 1994, I graduated from the college of languages in Baghdad and received my B.A. in English language. After graduation, I began my compulsory military service in the Iraqi Army for 18 months. Being specialized in English language, I was selected to teach English for cadets in the Iraqi Military College. After I was discharged from the army, I worked independently as English and Arabic language tutor until 1999. In 1999, I moved to Jordan and worked as an English language teacher in Al-Arabi Language Institute and also worked in the field of translation for one year. In 2000, I contracted with the Libyan Ministry of Education as an English Language teacher. I worked there until 2005.
I am prepared to relocate and travel in pursuit of the challenging duties. Teaching is my passion and I especially enjoy working with and mentoring young professionals and members of the military. My work since my arrival in the U.S. and my extended family in Iraq have allowed me to stay current on issues and developments in the Middle East. I firmly believe that learning the Arabic language is only the beginning for a student. The knowledge of the cultural and tribal influences is essential to being an effective Arabic linguist.

1. Arabic Fluent – Understand, Speak, Read, and write
2. English Fluent – Understand, Speak, Read, and write
3. Tested and passed in Arabic language teaching.
4. Tested and passed in Arabic and English interpretation and translation
5. Excellent knowledge in translation of Military Operational/Tactical terminology and engineering technical translations

MS word, MS PowerPoint, MS Excel, Windows Operation System, Hardware and software Installation.

Teaching Experience
Teaching Arabic Language/Iraqi Arabic to i3 employees deployed in Iraq, 2012- present, Huntsville, Alabama.
Teaching Arabic Language/Iraqi Arabic to QinetiQ North America employees deployed in Iraq, 2008-2012, Huntsville, Alabama.
Teaching English Language, Computer skills (MS Word, MS PowerPoint, MS Excel) to the Iraqi military at the Iraqi MoD under the supervision of the U.S. Army instructors, Baghdad, Iraq. 2005-2007
Teaching English in Sirt University and the Higher Institute of Teachers’ Preparation, Sirt, Libya 2000-2005.
Teaching English as a tutor in Baghdad, Iraq. 1996-1999
Teaching English Language in the Iraqi Military College I, Baghdad, Iraq. 1994-1996.

Translation and Interpretation Experience
Technical Translator & Interpreter (Rotary Wing & Fixed Wing/ maintenance technical manuals) i3, 2012- current.
Technical Translator & Interpreter (Rotary Wing & Fixed Wing/ maintenance technical manuals), QinetiQ North America 2008/2012.
English – Arabic and Arabic- English Translator and Interpreter, U.S. Department of Defense, Operations Section, Iraq, Baghdad, 2005-2007.
Translator and Interpreter, Command Post Exercise, Baghdad, 2005-2007.
Lead translator for the Prime Minister’s Iraqi National Command and Operations Center, Baghdad, Iraq 2005-2007.
Translator and Interpreter, Iraq Ministry of Defense & Ministry of Interior, Baghdad, Iraq. 2005-2007.
Translator and Interpreter, Iraqi Army Force Generation Integrated Product Team, Baghdad, Iraq. 2005-2007.
Translator and Interpreter, Iraqi National Security Council for Training, Baghdad. 2005-2007.
Translator and Interpreter, Iraqi Tactical Training Integrated Product Team, Baghdad. 2005-2007.
Translator and Interpreter, Basic Desert Protector Training Course, East Falluja, Al-Anbar, Iraq. 2005-2007.

• Iraqi Translators Association member
• NLSC member