Rachel XU

Freelance Anime Artist & Chinese Translator

Location:Newcastle Upon Tyne, United Kingdom
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I am a recent MA International Business Management graduate from Newcastle University and would like to express my interest in working with your company. I am writing to enquire whether you have any employment opportunities in a
As you will see from my CV attached, I have extensive experience of working in business and I am quite consistent in developing my skills in relevant area. I have three years of working experience as the export merchandiser in FUZHOU BIGBRELLA IMPORT AND EXPORT CO., LTD, where I enthusiastically raising confidence and promoting art gifts to clients worldwide including Japan, Canada, Australia, America, and some parts of Europe. In this role I developed excellent communication skills when negotiating with customers from different culture backgrounds.
My postgraduate study in MA International Business Management deepen my understanding in how to organize things effectively such as making regular plans and implementing them afterwards. It also enhanced my understanding in Human resource management as we have two dedicated courses in HR management and I achieved a total mark of 76 in the second semester. I developed excellent presentation skills when cooperating with other 5 group members acting as the HR team in BMW trying to establish a new premise in Mexico. My various other experience in Charity Donation and waitressing experiences have equipped me with organizational skills, my ability to work as a team player, and to develop others while proving my ability to work independently.
The dynamic atmosphere with people based environment reflects the strategic part of my degree programme in which I developed a higher sense of business ethics while making group decisions, I have occasionally untaken the leadership role in decision making in the business simulation in our international strategy course.
Combined with my work experience, the focus of my studies has equipped me with knowledge, skills and attributes that I trust would make a positive contribution to your organization. The opportunity you offer which would enrich my understanding in HR really appeals to me. The point I have to mention is that I am an international student who needs to be supported with working visa in order to be eligible to work here. I wonder if you could support me with that.
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Anime Art
Chinese Translation