Roberto Grassi

Freelance Video Editor & Commercial Videographer

Location:Phoenix, Arizona, United States
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To: Marketing dept. 6/15/2011
Ref: video editor

I'm writing about the video editor job that you are looking for, which I'm interested in applying for.
I own Five Corners Film & Video and I’m very experienced video editor, I have edit, commercials, infomercials, television shows, and corporate videos for local, national and internationall clients.

Who we are
Roberto Grassi has more than 20 years' experience working in the TV/movie industry. He has done hundreds of commercials in video and film, and has won several awards, including a Cleo finalist in New York and Telly Awards.
Ours crew always find the best way for to create unique commercials with precise lighting, editing and, of course, creative development of the client's ideas. We offer high quality at reasonable rates, using digital tools. We work with film or HD, depending on the client's preference.
If you are seeking a top-notch video, please look at our demo on our Web site, We are confident that we can provide you the high-quality production you want.

The Creation:
The creation is the core of any video that we produce; you can have
an excellent commercial with a great idea and a small budget.
Before start producing, we always brainstorm with the client and try to
find the best result for the commercial. As you know, the competition is
very strong, and the commercial has to be the “best per cents invested”.
So the creation is my first priority and commitment.

The Service
Our service includes, shoot, edit, animations, tech crew, and audio production. Using the last generation of the Avid Editing system and professional cameras Five Corners is a solution for to produce your video with national level and reasonable cost.

The video production has different costs and we always work with you to produce a commercial or any video within your budget.
For the production of commercials, we estimate the cost based on the idea suggested by the client.

I look forward to the opportunity to meet with you and, and to discuss some ideas on how we can work together.


Roberto Grassi
(602) 312-3106
Five Corners Film & Video
Web: (See my Demo reel online.)
1428 E. Vermont Ave.
Phoenix, AZ 85014