Gabriel Montalvo

Freelance Legal Translator & Language Translator

Location:Denver, Colorado, United States
2 Skills
We are a Denver non-profit immigration law firm. We opened in order to provide affordable legal representation to the undocumented immigrant community, not only in Denver but abroad. Our organization is a full service law firm specializing in immigration defense and criminal defense for those immigrant that need such services.
Through this listing we are notifying the community that we provide contractual services in the listed areas. Since we are a culturally diverse law firm we speak and translate into several different languages both legal and non-legal documentation. Languages included are Spanish, French, and Korean.
We can provide services to you if you are in need of legal representation and you are an undocumented immigrant, you need legal documents translated for usage in English speaking courts, or you need any other legal documents written.
For our services we charge a $100 flat rate, and since we are a non-profit we base your fees upon the federal poverty guidelines (FPG), so depending on where you fall against the FPG you will receive a discount from the $100 flat rate. If you need any other information please check out our website