Maxine Telford-Wolfe

Freelance Ghostwriter & Direct Marketer

Location:California, United States
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Currently Write For: 2AM Traffic. Submit Articles & Blog Pieces for the privately owned website.
Point of Contact Person is: Mr. Keith Kearney; CEO and Consultant for 2AM Traffic.

I am an Active Literary Member of the Better Networker Organization of whom I contribute Article Marketing Content for as well.

Have also written Sales Letters for: Custom Clothes By Rochelle Owsley; CEO of Custom Clothes & Former Marketing Director For Ebony Magazine.
Point Of Contact Person is: Rochelle Owsley; CEO .

Have Submitted Sales Letter Copy for 2AM Traffic, under the auspices of: Keith Kearney; CEO & Creative Consultant for: 2AM Traffic.

Past Literary Work: Submitted Poetic Pieces for my College Newspaper: The Fisk Herald, while a student attending Fisk University. Piece written and published by the University, I titled: “Tis Nature”.

Date Of Hire Los Angeles County Probation: 11/24/99 – Current

9150 Imperial Highway, Downey, California 90242
1-562-940-2554 ; Headquarters Personnel

Job Title: Deputy Probation Officer II

Current Worksite: Centralized Masters Training Program

Duties Performed: Conduct STC Trainings for newly-promoted Deputy Probation Officers preparing to transition from the Juvenile Halls to Juvenile Camp Settings.

Orient staff in concepts that focus on: Aggression Replacement Training with emphasis on 3 Specific Components designed to assist minors in handling their Anger Management Issues (per Court Orders) while also learning new Skills for addressing a hostile situation while engaging in appropriate conflict resolution techniques and promoting Changes in Juveniles thinking patterns with the use of various case-scenarios that incorporates heavy dialogue and discussion in the group sessions.

An Article I wrote for: 2 AM Traffic

Soar to New Heights In Career Opportunities
I enjoy watching gymnasts, aerialists and professional tumblers take on the air in front of them in literal leaps and bounds. Just the air and opportunity in front of them as they lunge forward and they execute a move, flip, spin, whip, drop and drip. To have that level of concentration and maintain a laser-like focus that is uncompromising, mixed with discipline and heavy training makes for the champion that they become. Well, it is the same principle in life. I like to use gymnastics as a metaphor for pursing your passion and “soaring to new heights” in your chosen career path. The sky is the limit and you can elevate to a new level in your career opportunities. But, it requires that discipline and heavy training. Therefore, move to make a change, flip the script and become financially empowered, whip yourself into shape, mentally, emotionally and physically, drop the bad habits and drip informative content into your brain through exposure to new things.
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