Devi Rawal

Freelance Movie Producer & Video Producer

Location:Van Nuys, California, United States
2 Skills
Im a Freelancing, Non-Union Assistant Director with two years of experience. Im so eager to get into some production work. I own Movie Magic Scheduling/Budgeting. I also have lots of experience as a Production Manager.I work very hard and am very passionate, energetic and organized. I love being on set and working long production hours and being part of the crew and I am more than capable of working on budgets, payroll, getting permits in order, and most production office paperwork. I can send you samples of schedules I have made including one liners and breakdown sheets, and calls sheets too.
I also have a car so I can transport myself virtually anywhere.
Thanks for giving me your time,
Feel free to text/call anytime.
My resume is attached and Here is my IMDB link :

Devi Rawal