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Callum Byng

Freelance Artist & Illustrator

Location:Greenock, United Kingdom
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I am an extremely hard working and focused individual, with a keen eye for detail and an endlessly creative imagination and outlook on life.

I am a university graduate, having graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Animation. My time while studying allowed me to greatly develop my creative tendencies, as well as my drawing ability, which I have begun to gravitate towards over the past year or so.

My time over this past year has been spent producing a portfolio of various paintings/artwork using a variety of materials and mediums. As time has passed I have found my talents greatly improving and I am also considering going into Special Effects Makeup as a self taught avenue of expression.

My previous areas of employment have centred around dealing with members of the public, which has given me an extremely personable manner and an easy going disposition, something which I have been constantly made aware of by those I have served as customers, as well as my in-store colleagues. I feel as though these traits are desirable as I am able to get on with others easily and want to bring out the best in them and vice versa.
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