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Location:Montréal, Quebec, Canada
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Mr. Jignesh I. Rajodiya Apt. #29, 2070 De Maisonneuve Blvd. West,
jig.rajodiya@gmail.com Montreal, QC, CANADA - H3H 1K8.
(514) 929 2992


• 1.5- year experience of iOS Application Development (iPad, iPhone).
• Experience in high-end software development, database administration and quality analysis.

Educational Background:

• Master of Engineering in Software Engineering (Pursuing), May 2014
Concordia University, Montreal, QC, CANADA.

• Bachelor of Technology in Information Technology, May 2013 GPA 7.4/10
Dharmsinh Desai Institute of Technology, Gujarat, INDIA.

Technical Skills:
Programming :iOS App Development, Objective C, cocos2D, PhoneGap, JAVA Script, CSS3, HTML5, Jquery, C, C++, Unity.
Database Systems :SQL Server, Access, XML, SQLite, MySQL.
Tools & Packages :Xcode, PhoneGap, Eclipse.

Internship Experience:

• Completed 6 months internship/training of application development in Xcode, quality analysis (QA) and database administration (DBA) at a well-known company Azilen Technologies. Pvt. Ltd., INDIA (www.azilen.com).
• Developed application is listed below: -

• Catalogue Application (iPad, iOS)

Work Experience:

• Worked as a Software Engineer (iOS app developer) as well as requirements gathering of application at a well-known company Azilen Technologies. Pvt. Ltd., INDIA (www.azilen.com).
• Worked as an iOS application developer at Lamarke Solutions, QC, CANADA.
• Developed applications are listed below: -

• Feedback Application (PhoneGap)
• Genoom Application (iOS)
• Spoonzo Application (iOS, available on App Store, Spoonzo)
• Review Management Application (iOS)
• Live Streaming Application (iOS)
• Indoor Navigation System (iOS)
• Glance Application (iOS, PhoneGap)
Master’s Project Experience:

• Ticket Vending Machine (TVM): (SEM I)
Learned about the TVM and how it works and gathrerd requirenments, identified stakeholders, and implemented UML diagrams.

UG Project Experience:

• Cloud Campus (Java, ASP.Net):(SEM VII)
Researched and developed a project on cloud infrastructure and deployed a video conferencing platform to integrate lectures via PC, mobile or any Internet using devices. In which VMware tools, Net Beans and Visual studio 2010(C#) has been used for development.
• Windows Application for Billing System of Ice Factory (ASP.Net):(SEM VII)
Managed a project of Windows Application(C#) for an Ice Factory in Nadiad for saving records and reports of client Company, generating bills, receipts and counting the cost of the sold Ice Cubes, etc. I have two of my colleagues working under my guidance.


• IPv6 Migration (Seminar Delivered):
Delivered a seminar on latest talk of the networking world called as “IPv6 migration”. I have spread the knowledge in brief on the topics like “Why/What/How IPv6?"
• 4G Technology (Seminar Delivered):
Given a seminar on basics of 4G technology and some basics aspects of 4G upgradation.

• Advanced Computer Networking (ISO 9001:2008)
Learned Network Technologies like IPV6, VoIP, VoBOB and certified by BSNL (ISO 9001:2008). A training program conducted by Regional Telecom and Training Centre (RTTC), BSNL, INDIA.
• CEHE Level-1
Certified as an Ethical ******* Expert Level-1 by Mr. Sunny Vaghela (CEO TechDefence) as a part of IIT-Bombay TechFest.
• IAC-2007
Completed the 1st phase of International Astronauts Congress-2007, conducted by Indian Institute of Science, hosted by Gujarat Council of Science City & sponsored by ISRO.

Extra-Curricular Activities:
• 15 awards for public speaking.
• Great performance of teamwork and leadership during academic events.
• Gold Medalist in Drawing.

Dancing, Travelling, Listening Music, Painting.

This job sounds perfect for my skills and experience. I’d really like to work with you and your team. I hope to get the opportunity to meet you and discuss how I can make a real contribution to your company. I am available at your convenience.
Jignesh Rajodiya
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