Jeremi Smith

Freelance Writer & Poem Writer

Location:Calhoun, Tennessee, United States
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Jeremi Smith
Citizenship : American ? Date of birth : 23 April 1991
Tel : 423-462-1640
e-mail :

300 Country Road 158, 37370, Riceville, Tennessee

Objective My objective is to do all that I can to help benefit the world for the better. Using the gifts that I maintain I believe that I can achieve this goal in a phenomenal way. It is a lifelong investment and that I assume upon myself with humble intentions. I believe that an unmatchable work ethic is the key to reaching one’s true potential, and that working hard beats out talent when talent does not work hard. I am extremely passionate about working with others toward a common goal no matter how simple or how complex the situation. Therefore, it is my utmost goal to become a respectable worker in any occupation that I place myself in. I desire fully to give my absolute best to my employer and to work to the best of my abilities to innovate and creatively revolutionize technology. I also am an inspired writer looking to help change the world through my ideas and creativity. I am extremely flexible with the type of writing that I can do, ranging from essays and articles to poetry and even novel writing. It is my passion to show the world who I am as a writer and an engineer in whatever way possible.

Key Skills
Proficient or familiar with a vast array of programming languages, concepts and technologies, including:
C++ Language Windows Software Function Generators LTspice
Microsoft Excel Oscilloscope Network Fundamentals Microsoft Publisher

2009-Present Bachelor in Electrical Engineering (Junior)
Tennessee Technological University, Cookeville, Tennessee, United States

Work Experience
United Grocery Outlet Part-time Job
Stock Clerk July 2007 to Present
? Stocked freezer, dairy, and dry food items.
? Swept and mopped the entire store floor.
? Cleaned the restrooms.
? Helped run wire through the ceiling of the building.
? Changed out the store light bulbs.
? Dusted all of the shelves in the store.
? Assembled all of the shelves in the store.
? Collected shopping carts from the parking lot.
? Crushed boxes and made bails for recycling purposes.

Activities and Interests
Poetry: Currently looking to begin publishing as an author.
Learning new types of technology and software.

Spanish (Familiar With) English (Native)

Awards and Scholarships

Eagle Excellence Scholarship 2009-2013
J.L. Cook Memorial Scholarship 2009
Engineering Joint Council Scholarship 2009-2010
First Year English 1020 Writing Award 2009-2010
Residential Scholar 2009-2010


Tennessee Technological University Football 2009-2010
Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers 2009-Present
RACE Mentoring Program 2010-Present


Ross Tarver
Tarver Distributing Co., Inc
Cell: 1-423-618-3664
Pastor Michael Obi
Prayer Center Church
Cell: 1-423-645-8829
Robert Cobb
Cell: 1-423-920-7021
Luajean Bryan
Walker Valley High School
Cell: 1-423-920-5611
Eric Swafford
Walker Valley High School
Cell: 1-423-618-4805
Dr. Robert E. Bledsoe, Jr.
Athens Women’s Clinic
Cell: 1-423-829-8044
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Poem Writing