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Saadat Ali Khan

Freelance Engineer & Civil Engineer

Location:United Kingdom
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Engr. Saadat Ali Khan
(NUST May, 2002)

Ph: 0092-0336-5678349 & 0092-336-4563525
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Enjoy challenges and work hard to attain goals. Take pride in my work, and derive considerable satisfaction from doing an assignment well. Cope well with high-stress situations and can manage a variety of projects. Always enjoyed working with community. Well trained in coordinating Construction activities among different partners at all levels. Constant communication with all levels of Management has strengthened my interpersonal skills. Fully equiped with supervisory and Managerial skills.

a. Well-developed planning, analytical, negotiating and communication skills, and a consistently high level of performance in planning, coordinating, implementing, monitoring and evaluation of Construction projects such as buildings, housing, bridges, culverts, tunnel, telecom and water, Environment and Sanitation.
b. Twelve Years of experience in Construction of bridges, culverts, underpasses, buildings, telecommunication, tunnel & Water, Environment and sanitation Sector working experience with National, Multinational and UN organizations.
c. Having the experience of both Development and Emergency. (Pre EQ, Experienced EQ and Post EQ, both relief and early recovery, Floods) and Emergency response.
d. Professionally Civil Engineer from NUST (Military College Of Engineering, Risalpur).
e. Ability to achieve the results with quality in the limited time and with available resources.
f. Having a Supervisory, Managerial, Leadership skills.
g. A good team player and have worked in a multi- cultural environment and established harmonious and effective working relationship, both with in and outside the organization.
Working Experience

1 Designation: Project Manager (Matta, SWAT). Duration: 01 Jan 2013 to Date
o Employer: M/S KK Construction. (UNDP Project for Peace and Development in Swat, Tehsil Matta)
o Project: Construction of Community Based Infrastructures such as PCC Link Roads, Streets, Small Bridges, Culverts and Drainage Channel.
Major Responsibilities
? To Consolidate and provide technical guidance and support to the construction activities, cost-effectiveness, sustainability and environmental soundness in their implementation.
? To Coordinate and plan resources for the construction of PCC link roads, PCC streets, small Bridges, Drainage channel and Pipe Culverts.
? To evaluate petty contractors performance and to check their capability of handling scope of work.
? To provide technical advice on overall policies, procedures and guidelines as per UNDP standards.
? To coordinate with UNDP engineers on daily activity plans and to submit the bi-weekly progress report of the project with snaps.
? To ensure quality of work at sites
? To verify invoices of petty contractors and material suppliers and authorize payments also after verification from project locations
? To verify and measure the quantities of final bill, from project locations and submitted to UNDP for release of payments.
? To manage the subordinate staff and assigning duties to them on daily basis.

2 Designation: Assistant Field Officer (Islamabad). Duration: 24th April, 11 to 31st Dec 2012
o Employer: UNHCR.
o Project: Reconstruction of permanent houses (Shelters) and provision of WASH facilities in flood affected areas and RAHA projects such as buildings, sewerage, and water supply.

Under the overall guidance of the WASH and Shelter Specialist, responsible to manage the UNHCR field operations including the supervision of all Programmes like RAHA, Shelter, WES, Education, Construction and Child Protection in Flood affected districts and RAHA districts.
Major Responsibilities
? To Consolidate and provide technical guidance and support to partners on all Shelter construction, RAHA projects and WASH-related issues to ensure quality, cost-effectiveness, sustainability and environmental soundness in their implementation.
? To Act as a focal point on water, sanitation, and hygiene promotion issues within UNHCR and liaise with UN related agencies and governmental and nongovernmental counterparts.
? To assist in reviewing performance, monitor development and evaluate approaches adopted by partners in WASH and related sectors (e.g. natural resources management, environment assessment) and formulate appropriate designs and corrective measures as deemed necessary.
? To Review on a regular basis the quantity and quality of water and sanitation services offered in the camps and host communities and ensure the maintenance of records of water, sanitation and hygiene promotion performance indicators for all locations.
? To coordinate the Humanitarian Activities in the flood affected districts of Pakistan (Punjab, Baluchistan, Sindh and KPK)
? To oversee the Emergency Operations in the flood affected areas.
? To liaise with the Government, UN agencies and other stakeholders for smooth service delivery to the IDPs
? To coordinate with the cluster leads to identify the gaps in the service delivery in the flood affected districts for the IDPs and mitigate gaps by coordinating with responsible agencies
? To prepare BOQ for shelter construction and RAHA projects (Buildings, Sewerage line, Hand pumps) and To monitor the progress of activities as per the signed sub-agreements of the UNHCR Implementing partners and to provide technical assistance and to conduct trainings on construction techniques for IPs
? To ensure the timely dissemination of humanitarian coordination meeting minutes and weekly strips among the relevant audience.
? To organize workshops for better orientation of the ground situation analysis and take all stakeholders on board for meaningful and sustainable assistance to the IDPs in the flood affected areas
? To liaise with program and supply section of UNHCR SOQ for the timely provision of relief items to the target population.
? To liaise with the partners and UNHCR colleagues in Islamabad to update them on the development/ status of activities in all over the Pakistan To ensure that web stories are being generated from the field for the donors and international community’s by the cluster leads to be put on the website

3 Designation: Construction Officer (KPK & AJK, Muzaffarabad). Duration: 03rd March, 10 to 20th April 2011.
o Employer: UNICEF.
o Project: Reconstruction of schools and health facilities in earth quake affected areas.
o Consultant: ECIL & NESPAK.

Main responsibility is to plan, implement, monitor, coordinate and report the UNICEF- ERRA- RNE programme in KPK and AJK
through counterpart government departments and NGO partners.
Major Responsibilities
? To Coordinate and plan resources for the reconstruction of health and education facilities in five earthquakes affected districts under the supervision of the UNICEF Construction Manager.
? To Review/clear list of schools and health facilities to be re built with assistance of the government representatives. Liaise with ERRA/DRU/DOE/DOH on all matters related to the implementation of Construction activities.
? To prepare tender documents, review expressions of interest and prepare contract for CRC review.
? To supervise, monitor, and liaise with NESPAK and ECIL in the designing and implementation of Construction activities.
? To evaluate contractors performance and to check their capability of handling scope of work.
? To provide technical advice on overall policies, procedures and guidelines for UNICEF assisted reconstruction activities.
? To verify invoices and authorize payments after verification from project locations.
? To verify and measure the quantities of final bill, from project locations, submitted by contractors.
? To liaise with national partners to ensure adequate exchange of information and coordination, and provide assistance on architecture and related matters.
? Perform other related duties as required.
? To coordinate with all stake holders for collection of completion certificate after successfully completion of schools and hand over to education department

4 Designation: Regional Manager (North & South). Duration: 3rd Dec, 07 to 25th Feb 10.
o Employer: Nascom Construction (Pvt.) Ltd.
o Project: ALU & Huawei, and Wi-Max towers for Motorola in North & CDWA Project (Water Filtration Plants) plus construction of buildings.

Main responsibility is to Plan, *****, implement, monitor, coordinate and report the progress of activities of all projects to GM and CEO.
Major Responsibilities
? Involved in costing of above mentioned projects with PD & GM. Making and finalizing rates for the sub cons (Civil, power, Acquisition and TI)
? To conduct coordination’s meetings with different clients for presenting weekly progress and accomplishment of assigned their weekly and monthly tasks.
? Responsible for Pre-qualification assessment of Contractors, Consultants and Suppliers for Employer.
? Preparation of Pre-qualification Master Sheets for Contractors, consultants and Suppliers.
? Responsible for issuance of Pre-qualification documents to different Contractors, Consultants and Suppliers as per the instructions of The Employer.
? Physical Verification of the work done claimed by Contractors in Interim Payment Certificates.
? Valuation of Contractor’s Interim Payment Certificates/ Bills.
? Review and Preparation of Variation Orders for Contractors as per the instructions of Employer.
? Preparation of Engineer’s Estimates and BOQs for different projects.
? Preparation of Tender Documents, General Conditions of Contract, Particular Conditions and appendices necessary to issue to contractors with Tender.
? Preparation and Issuance of Addendums to contractors for different tenders issued by The Employer.
? To monitor and evaluate sub-contractors performance and to check their capability of handling scope of work.
? To ensure quality of work at sites.
? To prepare daily/weekly progress reports, for transmittal to Project Control.
? To deal out different tasks and routine work to my regional team leaders of Civil, Acquisition and TI and taking reports from them on daily basis.
? Technical and financial evaluation of sub contractors proposals and bids for civil, acquisition and TI in my region with the help of commercial department.
? To take constructive decisions in time for the smooth flow of project.
? To deliver the project with in time with budgeted resources and funds.

5 Designation: Assistant Director (Projects, TP & BC & Maint.). Duration: 27thJune, 07 to 2nd Dec, 07.
o Employer: Defense Housing Authority, Islamabad.
o Project: To implement building and commercial bye laws during any construction in the society and to start and complete the different projects (Mosques, Filtration Plants, Parks and retaining walls) in time for the betterment of society.
Main responsibility is to plan, implement, monitor, coordinate and report the progress to Director.
Major Responsibilities
? To monitor reengineering works such as installation of sewerage lines and construction of drains in Phase-1.
? Preparation of Engineer’s Estimates and BOQs for different projects.
? Preparation of Tender Documents, General Conditions of Contract, Particular Conditions and appendices necessary to issue to contractors with Tender.
? Preparation and Issuance of Addendums to contractors for different tenders issued by The Employer.
? Evaluation of Tenders received from the tenderers.
? Preparation and issuance of Tender Evaluation Reports to Employer.
? Preparation and issuance of Post Tender Questionnaire to the Tenders.
? Valuation of quotations received from Contractors/Suppliers.
? Carry out rate analysis for Quotations submitted by Contractors/ Suppliers.
? Preparation of Taken Over Certificates (TOC) for Contractors.
? Preparation of Final Account Statements of Contractors.
? Preparation monthly Cost reports for different Contracts.
? To ensure that members of society should follow DHA building control byelaws while constructing their houses.
? Assigning duties to different concerned staff (SDO, Building inspectors, over sears) that are directly under mine supervision.
? To resolve issues and complaints of members on maintenance activities.
? To initiate and complete small and large projects within specified time lines and short budget, such as retaining walls, filtration plants, small shops under overhead W/T and Mosques in society, with the approval of higher authorities

6 Designation: Construction Engineer. Duration: 23rd April, 06 to 5th July, 07.
o Employer: Nokia Siemens Network (Pvt.) Ltd. (NSN)
o Project: Roll out project of GSM sites for Telenor in southern Punjab.
Major Responsibilities
? Active member of the team and responsible for all types of construction work at site.
? Coordination with client and requesting them for the site inspection at different levels.
? Supervision of foundation concretes such as Piling, Raft, isolated and pier in GF sites.
? To Supervise the Installation and Maintenance of Environmental Equipment including Gen/Set, Air Conditioners, Fire Frightening and Power Installation
? Ensuring Steel, Concrete, ********, Earthing as per design and carryout all checks required on sites during construction of green field & roof top site
? To coordinate between design department, analyzing soil & structural reports for work packages for Contractors and to execute necessary changes as per site requirement
? To Prepare the Proposed Layout Drawings for the Designer
? Supervision of hiltis & concretes at RT sites.
? Inspection during shelter installation and its electrification & Air cons installations.
? Inspection of tower tightening and ensuring the installation as per specifications with the help of riggers.
? Making sites ready for ATPs and final acceptances.

7 Designation: Site Engineer. Duration: 26th April, 04 to 3rd Feb, 06.
o Employer: GlobComm (Pvt.) Ltd.
o Project: Construction of GSM towers for Mobilink in Southern Punjab.
Major Responsibilities
? Responsible for all types of construction work at GSM sites.
? Coordination with Mobilink engineers regarding concrete, tower inspection, and preparation of sites for RFIs.
? Building sites as per DEDs and customers requirement.
? Supervision of all type of foundations, shelter and tower installations
? Conducting ATPs with client.
? Responsible for overall progress, management and to report the higher offices daily, weekly and monthly.

8 Designation: Site Engineer (Structures). Duration: 16th May, 03 to 15th May, 04.
o Employer: PMCJV (Pakistan Motorway contractors and Joint Venture
o Project: Construction of Motorway M-1 from Peshawar to Islamabad.

Major Responsibilities
? Supervision of piling work, pile caps, transoms, and piers.
? Supervision of Deck slab, culverts, Diaphragms and under pass concretes.
? Supervision of Girders concrete.
? Supervision of constructing small drains.
? Pile load test at Kabul River Bridge
? Piling construction at Kabul River Bridge
? Girder construction, profiling, stressing, grouting and Launching of girders.
? Abutment Transom, pier transom, Deck slab, Back Wall, Wing wall, safety barrier, approach slab and shear key
? Construction of Box culvert, underpass, cattle creep (first stage last stage, toe wall, apron, bottom slab, top slab, parapet wall, construction joint.
? Coordinate with potential contractors for civil works implementation.
? Ensure quality of civil work.
? Regular Monitoring Visits/Cost estimations.
? Preparation of technical specifications to be followed by all civil works contractors.

9 Designation: Trainee Engineer. Duration: 22nd June, 02 to 20th April, 03
o Employer: Taisei Corporation
o Project: Construction of Kohat tunnel and Access road from Dara Adam khail to kohat.
Major Responsibilities
? Supervision of concretes of different structures such as bridges, culverts and rigid pavement.
? Supervision of concretes of Diaphragms.
? Supervision of Girders concrete.
? The bridge works likes piling, construction of pile cap, piers transom.
? Casting of girders and its stressing & launching.
? Deck slab, barriers approach slabs

Workshops Attended & Training Courses
• Attended 5 days workshop in Darus Salam, Tanzania on WASH and Shelter Construction, arranged by UNHCR.
• SSAFE training conducted UNHCR security staff.
• Result Based Management, Procurement Management, Team Building, Team Work –Getting People of Work Together, Monitoring& Evaluation, Supervisory skills face to face training,

Professional Qualification
Level Institution/Board Subjects Year Division

B.Sc Civil Engg.
National University of Sciences & Technology/ Military College Of Engineering, Rislapur
Civil Engineering (Structures, Transportation, Hydraulics, Irrigation, Management, Soil Mechanics Etc.)
May 2002
Computer courses
MS Office, MS Project, Auto CAD, Primavera
Extracurricular Activities
Foot Ball, Badminton, Hockey & Table tennis
English, Urdu, Pashto, & HindKo.

Personal Profile
Father’s Name: Maj (Retd.) Mohabat Ali Khan.
Domicile: KPK (Kohat).
Nationality: Pakistani.
Marital Status: Married.
Religion: Islam.
PEC Registration No: Civil/23282.

Mr. Amer Sher,
Planning Engineer, AGES Consultant
Mobile No: 0321-9008100

Mr. Taimur Muzaffar,
Development Manager NayaTel,
Mobile No: 0308-5200800
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