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Morgan Lovejoy

Freelance Portrait Artist & Book Illustrator

Location:Zanesville, Ohio, United States
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My art specialty is sports, entertainment, nature & portraits but not limited to these. All art mediums on canvas paper, board, ink, pencil, paints, charcoal, pastels, etc & computer applications are sometimes my tool. My strengths vary from realism to simplified; portrait, nature, landscape, animals & graphics as well as doing fantasy league logos from most leagues. Any & all family friendly art, as complex, detailed or simple as you'd like. I'd consider my work family friendly. I do not do illustrations, paintings or drawings that contain, violence, unclothed or nakedness. But am open to dead person(s), (zombies) and classic horror movie images. I love doing portraits of any person both living or dead, celebrity or not. I will update my brand & portfolio from time to time to keep it fresh & interesting. My personal goal is to illustrate for someone whose looking for an illustrator for their book. I capture moments in time, intrinsic and beauty, in nature, faces and feeling. Thanks again for checking out my work and hope to hear from you soon. Also check out and like my facebook page at Mogo's -A- Logos Illustrations & Custom Artwork.
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Portrait Art
Book Illustration