Stephen Smith

Freelance Fiction Writer & Comic Writer

Location:Saint Louis, Missouri, United States
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I have been a fan of fiction writing for as long as I can remember. Creating worlds, characters, plot outlines, and dialogues has always been more interesting to me than most other things. While I was growing up, I was always off in some other world I created inside my own head. As a kid, if I wasn’t outside playing, I had my nose in a comic book or a book of short stories. In school, instead of doing school work, I was writing stories in a note book. Now as an adult, things aren’t so much different. I still read comics and novels as much as I can and I write as much as I can. Yes, I still play outside, but now that consist of riding my Harley, BBQ’n, and hunting.

When it comes to writing I’m open to all genres, but dark fiction will always be my favorite. The human condition will always be much scarier to me than any horror story filled with monsters; though there is nothing wrong with a good monster story from time to time. :)
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