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Robert N. Watson Jr. a.k.a R.A.A.M

Freelance Graphic Designer & Illustrator

Location:Houston, Texas, United States
Phone: 832-494-4051
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Hello everyone, I am R.A.A.M. This name is a 2 meaning acronym. The first one is (Robert's Art And Music) because I am an artist, singer and song writer etc., the second meaning is (Representing An Almighty Messiah) and this speaks to my sacrificial walk with God. I am an Aries and in biblical times rams where used as sacrifices unto God for man sins. This name is my superhuman alias name that sums up most of everything that I am comprised of. I am a natural artist and I major mostly in a animation/realism/graffiti style of art. I have been drawing all my life, before I could walk or talk fully as an adolescent. I have been in art classes mostly all my years of school. I have attended (The Art Institute of Houston) and I am currently attending (Long Star College) for Graphic Design. I have been learning graphic design for over 11 years and I am still continuing my education. I do have my own small design company that I started 10 years ago but changed the name of it some years ago to (R.A.A.MartInk). My plan is to expand my art skills, business, associates and knowledge etc. I would like to go more into the concept art field sense I have been doing this mostly all my life indirectly. I love to create characters mostly but have an overall love for design and creation.
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