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Across the River, Writer/Director, 2009 / 85 Min
A feature length film about two soldiers, one Iraqi and the other Iranian, who find themselves the only survivors of a battle, the events of which they cannot remember.

Official selection: Bangkok film festival, Hawaii film festival, Sao Paulo film festival,
Today religion film festival (winner of Inter Religious dialog), TBILISI film festival

ZANGAR, Writer/Director 2008 / 95 Min
A feature length film about Wealthy man who lost his family goes to the poor to find their origins. After spending time with poor people he understood that wealth was not always followed and has never tasted love. Executive Producer: Sima Film, IRIB

The Bad Friend, Co-Writer/Director, 2007/ 110 Min
A feature-length, box-office hit comedy about two friends who scheme to rob the bank at which they work on their last day on the job.

The Hen and The Neighbor, Writer/Director 1986 / 75 Min
A feature film about the relations of a boy, his family, and their landlord after the boy takes a chicken as a pet. Executive Producer: Farabi Foundation.

The City of Mice, Production Manager 1985/ 105 Min
A box-office hit feature film about a group of mice who flee their city as fearsome cat approaches. Executive Producer: Farabi Foundation, Iran

The Suitcase, Writer/Assistant Director 1984 / 90 Min
A comedy about a family that acts together for the first time after the long holiday. The way to find the suitcase,This suitcase makes to know each other after years of living


Time to Arm, Writer/Producer/Director 2013 / 73 Min
This documentary is about two poor young adults who are determined to join the American Army and how the Army recruiters are working with all kinds of devises to attract and enlist young men in the poor neighborhood.

13 and Half, Co-Writer/Director/Editor 2005 / 60 Min
A documentary juxtaposing the production of a controversial play in Tehran with the lives of the members of the all-female cast.

Rock, Paper, Scissor…shoot!, Producer/Writer/Director/Editor 2003 / 45 Min
A docu-drama about two young actors who develop a relationship in the course of shooting a film together.

Master of Miniatures, Producer/Writer/Director/Editor 2000 / 35 Min
A documentary detailing the work of renowned Iranian miniature painter Mahmud Farshchian.


Simple Questions, Producer/Writer/Director/Editor 2010-2011 / 26x25
A 26-episode documentary series, which juxtaposed expert and lay perspectives on contemporary political, social and economic issues in American society. Executive Producer: Press TV

Ancient Passages, Writer/Director, 2006 / 25x10
A XX episode documentary series exploring the historical geography of Iran. Executive Producer: Press TV

Water and Earth, Writer/Director 2004 /15x20 Min.
A XX episode documentary series depicting the remote natural wonders of Iran. Executive Producer: IRIB

Aftab TV, Creative Producer/Director/Editor 19991-1999
A weekly program mainly created for Iranian-American viewers.


SAFAS, Director/Editor 1999/60 Min
A commercial film for a General Electric company specializing in granite countertops.

DAVIDO COLLECTION, Producer/Director/Editor 1996 /20 Min
A commercial film for a high-end art and antiques company.

Black Pearls, Producer/Director/Writer 1990 /30 Min
A commercial film about the caviar industry in Iran.

Tehran University, School of Fine Arts, B.A. Film Studies, 1980.
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