Roger Whtiing

Freelance Mural Painter & Drawer

Location:Sandy, Utah, United States
Phone: 801-707-3580
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The environment of a school or business should have its own distinct visual appeal. Colorful, playful and polished environments draw positive attention and help to create a unique sense of place. I transform environments to achieve those objectives. I enjoy working on tight deadlines and finishing projects efficiently. I prefer working with assistants and/or youth on projects so I can share what I have learned and create more artwork in my lifetime than I possibly could alone.

Youth in the lower-income neighborhoods of Utah may not have art in their lives as much as their peers without intervention. Youth with disabilities and/or youth in the foster-care system often need extra support to develop their confidence to take control of their lives. Working on permanent art installations allows these youth to make decisions that have lasting impacts on their communities, thus showing them that they have a positive contribution to make in their world.

When appropriate, I involve my students in the process of creating from brainstorming up through completion. I am both a project faciliator and an active participant of the communities I serve.

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Mural Painting