Bryan Kenniston

Freelance Photographer, Commercial Photographer, & More

Location:United States
4 Skills
Present Day
Palm Bay, FL
Computer Services: Provide In Home & Office computer service repaired training for PC & Mac along with WiFi, networking (LAN,WLAN & WAN), Internet Implementation (DSL & Cable), HTML - Web development / design / and conception, software support, hardware support, new computer installation and procurement. DVD/CD authoring, Video Capture, Large Format Plotters, Film and Media Scanners, Servers. Problem Solver.
Other Services Available: Include Computer Hardware and Software Support/Installation; Internet setup and training; Trouble shooting help-desk; Research new technologies.
Photography Services: Ariel; Portrait; Landscapes; Interiors; Buildings/Property; Technical Camera & Film Consulting; Purchasing Recommendations.

Digital Imaging Specialist
Corporate Visions
Washington, DC?
Provided PC and Mac Hardware, Software, and User support for over twenty graphic, photo, web, business, and operating system software packages. Technical and System support for fifty plus in house users and over 1,000 clients. Extensive experience with Operating Systems including: DOS, Unix, Windows 3, 3.11, 95, 98, NT Server / Workstation, 2000 Pro / 2000 & 2003 Advanced Server, XP Pro,
and Mac OS’s 10.6.7 and iOS 6 Provided expert services including: Digital Imaging Output; Custom Color Output; Graphic Design & Layout; Web Design, Web Hosting, and HTML; CD & DVD Duplication; Film & Media Scanning & Archiving; FTP Services; Workgroup, Systems & LAN Administration Support; Internet Implementation & Support; Production and finishing; Customer Service; Quality Control; Account Support for Sales; and Packing, Shipping and Receiving. Hardware & Software - Research, Implementation, and Purchase. Assistant Systems Administrator. And managed the department after hours .


Medical Photographer
University of Maryland at Baltimore
Baltimore, MD
In-house Medical Photographer with high standards for clear quality medical images used by doctors and university staff for scientific research, publications and teaching. In charge of processing and developing all photos. In charge of the before, during, and post-surgical photography, portrait and specimen photography. Created computer graphic presentations for lectures, slide shows, and conferences.