Ishtiaque Ahmed

Freelance Book Designer & Presentation Designer

2 Skills
Ishtiaque Ahmed
Serial # 1 Date of Birth 10th January 1968
Serial # 2 CNIC 54400-2770967-9
Serial # 3 Place of Birth Quetta, Pakistan
Serial # 4 Current Place of
Residence Islamabad, Pakistan
Serial # 5 Contact details (I) Mobile: 0092-313-8246663
(II) Email:

Serial # 6 Qualification

Qualification (I) Post Graduation in English Literature from University of Balochistan;
(II) Post Graduation in Political Science;
(III) Graduation in Law (LLB)
(IV) Graduation from University of Balochistan;
(V) Faculty in Science;
(VI) O-Level from Cambridge University UK.
(VII) “Enrich Your Expertise” from Pak-American Cultural Centre Karachi
Serial # 7 Language
Proficiency 1. Excellent English writing and speaking skills;
2. Excellent Urdu writing and speaking skills;
Speaking Skills in: 3. Pashto, 4. Sindhi, 5. Hindkoo, 6.Punjabi

Serial # 8 NGO Experience

SHARP an Implementing Partner of UNHCR, an Islamabad based national NGO:
ISCOS an International NGO working on Labor Rights in Islamabad Pakistan:

6 years experience in gender related issues:
1. Where I designed several studies and carried out research and developed several MONTHLY PROGRESS REPORTS on monthly basis for UNHCR and supervised a program on Gender Issues, which was SHARP’s own initiative as a national NGO;
2. Where I worked as an Educational Consultant for gender education during the 2005 Earthquake Disaster in Abbotabad and Muzafarabad: as a project I trained teachers for an entirely new concept in gender education – multi-grade teaching in emergency;
3. Conducted Skill enrichment Training workshops at Polytechnic Institute for Girls Quetta, Balochistan. For a period from 2002to 2004.
4. Headed a UNICEF based project at Pak-Public Development Society Quetta

Serial # 9 English Language Teaching 20 years experience of teaching English as a Foreign Language:
(I) Teaching of English to CSS students at PAPER Academy at Quetta
(II) Teaching at Pak-American Cultural Center PACC Quetta;
(III) Lectured as an English specialist at Balochistan Residential College, Loralai;
(IV) Trained the staff members of Quetta Serena Hotel for communication in English Language during service hours

Serial # 10 Teachers’ Counselor 14 years experience as a counselor for teachers
(I) Served as a Teachers’ Counselor at PACC Quetta for two years, thereby training the language teachers how to teach English as a Foreign Language to new Learners.
(II) 12 years general experience of training the teachers in bi-lingual mode ( Urdu-English) in the schools across the country

Serial # 11 Translation 15 years experience in translation from English to Urdu:
(I) Served as an interpreter in US Based Project for Primary education Project at Quetta in 1994, where Gender related project was handled by me
(II) Rewrote a book for Higher Education Commission, the book is under publication for all the universities of Pakistan, with the title “Fostering a Technology Company”;
(III) Translated 100 traditions from the Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) from Urdu to English;
(IV) Worked as an On-field Interpreter for Pak Public Development Society an NGO working across Balochistan (Urdu and Pashto Translation).

Literary work
Serial # 12 Author/ Writer Authored 6 books on various topics listed below:
1. Woeful Women Warring For Worth
2. Current Teaching Methodologies;
3. Communication in a Foreign Language;
4. The A to Z of Translation, as it Should be;
5. Educational policy for South Asian countries;
6. The medical potential of 100 Highly Practicable Mohammedan Traditions.
7. Latent clues ( A book on Law)
8. Tears Tell Tales ( A romantic novel)
9. The Ones I Rhymed ( An anthology of my 168 poems
Edited 2009 Annual Report of FIA.
Serial # 13 Skills Earned so far I earned excellent interpersonal, communicative and organizational, administrative , and compromising skills; I possess high Level of public speaking skills coupled with training, capacity building, presentation and high motivational and result oriented attitude; I do have a high level of ability and compassion to work not only autonomously but also work as a team member under somebody’s control. I can employ the ICT skills to communicate, create, present and demonstrate the thoughts.

Serial # 14 Foreign Travels Traveled to:
Switzerland and
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Book Design
Presentation Design