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Ken Bradford

Freelance Content Writer & Website Designer

Location:Clarksville, Tennessee, United States
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My name is Ken Bradford and I have worked in small business website design and business blog writing for over a decade. The design of a business website must be tailored to attract people and search engines. It is the best place to make a good first impression if the design is user friendly and delivers useful information.

Anyone can start a blog, but only after mastering the building blocks for effective blog writing, can it be successful. Business blogging is about telling stories that inform, educate, or entertain a target audience. Content marketing is much more that just broadcasting information. I enjoy helping businesses communicate, connect, and engage their target audience. I have the passion, commitment, and self motivation skills necessary to get the job done.

I write on a variety of topics and have written blog articles, web copy, presentations, and white papers for a variety of businesses. I research practically every article I write, even if it's on a familiar topic. I want to make sure the information is current. There really aren't any new web content ideas, so my expertise in putting my own spin on the topic makes the article unique.

I always write with on-page SEO in mind which insures my blog articles or other web content are already properly optimized by the time I'm finished writing. In web content, like most everything else, you really do get what you pay for. I get paid to help people de-stress and simplify their blogs, websites, and more importantly, their lives. A perfect situation that leaves both of us happy.

I also enjoy graphic and web design. I have designed graphics and websites for many different types of businesses, including insurance agencies, candle companies, discount dental plans, coffee shops, and many others. I designed and maintain my own business website, as well as, five personal blogs.

I have written web content for many online services, including, Helium Publishing, BlogMutt, EZine Aricles, and LinkedIn Pulse. I have recently co-written "Writing Better Web Content", a popular online self-help book for freelance writers. I have just published "Walking Life's Road", a book about spiritual living and growth.

When your blogging or web content calendar is full and you have run out of new ideas, I'm the person you can count on to deliver the type of web content you need.
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