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Sagan Morrow

Freelance Business Consultant, Book Writer, & More

Location:Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
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I'm a freelance coach --- teaching new freelancers how to succeed and ROCK their freelancing businesses!

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My background includes freelance writing, editing, and social media management. After more than 7 years of freelancing (including reviewing and editing children’s books and manuscripts, proofreading a local newspaper and educational worksheets, rewriting recipes and technical documents, editing academic and promotional materials, writing and editing blog posts and web copy, writing a newspaper column, managing blogs and social media, transcribing university notes and more), I'm so delighted to be able to give back to the freelancing community and share everything I've learned with YOU.

What people are saying:

"Sagan Morrow inspires [freelancers] with her own experiences and insights into the life of a freelancer. Her passion, dedication and the hard work she puts into her freelance career come across as she seeks to inform and guide others who have the ability and dedication to make a go at setting up their own business. Those starting out may wonder what is the best way to start, whether any special qualifications are needed, where to find work, what fees to charge and how to deal with vacations or times of sickness when you are self-employed. [Sagan] ... shows what is possible with a little hard work and persistence."

"Sagan is smart and confident. She is reliable and always delivers quality."

"She produces fresh, original content at a reasonable cost. Always on time, and very well-written, I've come to trust Sagan and recommend her highly."

"Delivers a high-quality service, is on time, and also will go the extra mile... I was very satisfied and happy with her work."

"As a moonlighting freelancer, I've found [Sagan's] tips to be very helpful for streamlining some processes I had otherwise difficulty with."