Sonnie Nielsen

Freelance Photo Editor & T-Shirt Designer

Location:Mesa, Arizona, United States
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I am a 43 year old female. I live in Mesa, Arizona of the US of A! I am the mother of five children Kayla Marie age: 20 yrs old, Ethan Elijah: 19 years old, Kelsea Lynette (Taylor) and Claudia (Nicole) : 16 yrs old, & Kendall Justus Chesley: 13 yers old. I am a qualified teachers aid and also a "Jill" of all trades too.I've worked retail, I've waitressed, I've been a customer service phone operator, I've telemarketed for a fortune 500 company, I've been a cashier and I've worked with different ages of children ranging from infant to about 12 yrs old. I've been a caregiver for underpriveledged children and I've also gained experience in the mental health field from attending various seminars at the Mesa Hilton. I am experience in early childhood development and behavior modification techniques. I was a manager of Wendy's salad bar when I landed my very "first" "job" job at sixteen years old.
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Photo Editing
T-Shirt Design