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William Kelly
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October 2012 to July 2014
I started as a contractor with advantage and later hired on with Intertek around the start of 2014. We were contractors inside the oil refineries all over south Louisianna treating deisels, gases, and oils in all stages of manufacturing for gases that make them unsafe. My duties required me to stay in contact via the phone with my supervisor and our contact at the refinery. I was on call 24/7, on rotation with a handful of other guys. When called it was my responsibility to go to the shop and get a company truck and load whatever equipment I would need for the job. I would then proceed to our chemical storage site to load which ever chemical I would need. all the while coordinating with the refinery to be on site and ready to inject the chemical when they were ready to start their transfer. Upon arriving in the facility I was required to immediatly meet with the operating crew to receive a permit for safe work and a handheld radio for facility wide communications. Then i could stage my equipment and chemical and inject it as directed into the pipeline tranfer. I was responsible all personal protective equipment, for knowing signs of overexposure in myself and anyone near by, containing chemicals and being aware of/preventing all possible enviroment damage Occasionally we would be required to do treatments on ships or barges on the river.
February 2012 to October 2012
RLC Galliano, LA.
Ground Support/Aircraft Washer
The majority of my responsibilities while working for RLC were to escort passengers to and from helicopters safely, load and unload cargo, refuel helicopters, and clean the helicopters inside and out after hours, along with some janitorial duties and minor maintenance.
March 2011 to March 2012

Wal-Mart Foley, AL.

While working for Wal-Mart my duties included pulling pallets of merchandise to the sales floor using an electric or hand powered pallet jack, sorting merchandise, and putting merchandise on the shelves. Our store was open 24/7, we stocked over nights(8-7am) when there were fewer costumers in the store. I was responsible for up to three departments at a time. I was required to pull merchandise to the sales floor and work neat and clean to , without making unnessacary tripping hazards for costumers, stock as much merchandise as possible to the shelves and provide any costumer service nessacary, answering any questions from any customers or directing them to someone who could.

February 2010 to February 2011
Dollar Tree Foley, Al.

At Dollar Tree I was most often stocking merchandise or unloading a truck. I did occasionally operate a register. Stocking operations ran much the same as walmarts except the store was much smaller and pallets of merchandise had to be broken down onto hand trucks and pulled to the sales floor in smaller quantities. My manager entrusted me to oversee newer recruits to insure her that all company policies were met and merchandise was stocked accurately and promptly.


South Baldwin Center for Technology Robertsdale, AL.
Training Certificate Welding

Throughout high school I went to trade school.

2010 Faulkner State Community College Robertsdale, AL.
Training Certificate Welding

Before finishing my course work at SBCT the schools partnered together to let the students participate in dual enrollment. So just by attending SBCT we were able to earn a certificate from Faulkner also.

2010 Foley High School Foley, AL.
High School Diploma
2009 Fairhope High School Fairhope, AL.
High School Diploma

In 2009 I moved to Foley and continued high school there.

Tommie Cheramie, Supervisor Intertek (985) 637 5498
Dave Miller, Supervisor RLC (256) 565-4654
Chris Dunlap, Supervisor Wal-Mart (251) 943-3400
Erica Molenda, Manager Dollar Tree (251) 279-8113
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