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Diane E. Talas

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My resume has been decades of sales, management, marketing and service, generally in the industrial sectors. Manufacturing, and industrial fluids were the areas I specialized in for some 25+ years.
The older I get, the more I'm trying to realize my passions instead of just earning a living doing what I know how to do. At the heart of my person, I've been a writer for many years, through personal journals, and industrial-based articles.
Beginning in 2014, I started a blog, "The Older I Live," on my website, "" One will notice the category I chose is "Life at Large." And so it is, in my continued search to pursue my writing endeavours, that I found your website. I ask that you consider the many articles, poems, and quotes throughout my blog, as a cross-section of my writing style. If there is an opportunity to apply this skill to what your organization is looking for, then I look forward to further contact. Please feel free to contact me at:
Thank you for your time in consideration.
With kindness,