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Sara M-J

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Location:Franklin, Massachusetts, United States
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Website: http://www.m-jcreatives
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. This is my Story

. Self-taught artist known as Sara
. Coming from a family of Artist and Talent.
My mom knitting and sewn own clothing without designing by hand, but by her imagination, when she was 14, made and sold for the first time a wedding dress.
My Father, without finishing Middle/High School, raised by farmers. By memory, could create, make, construction, Mason, etc.

Born in the Island of Principe (PRINCE - Africa).
. Because of the civil war in Africa and job difficulties, after the birth, 6 months after his death of we came to USA. And a few years later, we went to Brazil 1973 due to my Father's Health (Bone Cancer - caused by his job), had 8 yrs. to live.
While my dad was alive to support a family of 5 kids, in Brazil. He became a Contractor, due to his skills and experience. In Brazil, Companies goes by experience and Talent. There was one time, he was building a house on a steep hill, all in marble. An Architect showed his plan and dimensions, he corrected it, all the plans. The owner decided, he finished building the house, the owner never paid him. ((A few years after 1989, living in USA, I heard through my family, there was a heavy rains, and a landslide. The only house STANDING, was my fathers. All the houses around it, also houses that was designed and built by the same Architect, fallen by the landslide, Good News - The owner of that house, went to jail, we didn't see the money, but finally at least, there was justice.))

Watching my older sister Mary, I got inspired and eager. Looking forward to learn how to draw, paint, etc... My other older sister Isabel, knew about my fascination with oil paintings, during High School, paid for Art class in High School, where I learned how to mix oil, quality and density of the mixtures. Need to stop to financial difficulties, my mom became a single mom, w/ 5 kids.
. After, I decided to honor my sister Isabel, borrowing one of the books from Mary, she had a gorgeous, picture of a beautiful sunset of a swamp, did an oil painting of that picture, for my sister Isabel - decided to paint that picture in oil, size more or less 3’ x 2‘, she decided to buy, "Sunset Swamp" (paid for classes). After when painting was done, at night, Isabel was playing with the dimmer lights, and called me, and said:
- Sara, look! Now the sun rising and now is the sun is setting.
Honestly after that I didn't really know how to name the painting. I wish I had the video to record it, it was really magical and felt good to see my sister loving my painting.
. Still in High School, one of my friends father, worked in a Cigarette Co. (it was called that time Hollywood located in Rio), there was this contest, in his company, he ask me to design on a poster for him, related to their product, w/ the title - for yearly employee promotional advertising, - a few months later, found out, that my drawing won the first place..

A few months later I sold, 2 "oil paintings” more or less 5 ft. tall, to an Art dealer across my apartment - One painting he wanted was from a cover of a Historical Oriental book that he loved. A watercolor Scenery of Birds and Mountains) that he had, (more or less translated). He wanted me to paint it, in oil, in my point of view. I remembered this one, because, there is a unique story. Because, what happened. He sold the house & businesses, after. His brother killed himself - due to Drugs, ****** (he was my best friend, very special to me, always there, talking to me, always smiling, showing up every day for me, and didn't want me around when he was smoking *********.). He had told me this, because, I meant a lot to his brother and it was he very special to me, then he told me - the new owner (that bought the house and business), had taken down all the collection of paintings and kept my paintings, hanging in the house.

Malharia Mena, working at a T-shirt Co. called hired because of my skills, and talent (according to one of CCRI's professors – said I’m Graphic Designer - over there is called Designer (translated)). They sent me, to take classes at SENAI/ CETIQ in Fashion Design

(SENAI/ CETIQ - Free Federal Technical College - only can get in, referred by a Company, Very high IQ, or by them). Started with Fashion Illustration, program. The Professor, saw how I evolved in my illustrations, and creativity, he invited and offered me full-time classes. Because, I lived in a same State, couldn't afford, not working, needed to pay rent, food etc.... Needed to live another State or Country, to live and be fed by them.

. Celeste Modas - High End Boutique, with their own Fashion Designer (owner's son) clothing Line with Silk, Store and office located in Copacabana, RJ.
I worked in one of their other stores. In Customer Service. Promoted to Visual Illustrator. (Store was robbed. all the owners, was in that store, and all my Fashion Illustrations, that I had given to the Manager and my friends, was on the floor. When I got in, besides the robbery, the owners were more talking about my drawings. They thought it was the Managers, they said to her, she gotten a 360 degree better in her drawings. And said she wished, it was her, also her assistant said it was my drawings than, one of the owners, the designer and his wife approached me, thinking to myself I was getting fired. They were smiling, asked me, I did the drawings, I said yes, and they told me they thought it was the managers, because, she was always doodling. They asked me if they can keep the drawings, and interviewing me about my experience and where I came from, and also, when I was interviewed, personnel knew I spoke English. Because, I didn't know how to sew. His wife, asked me to meet her at the office, and she set up a test. She asked, to use my creativity and paint an illustration, from a French magazine, a long paper, that will be displayed at the main store that week with their brand new line (France's yearly event, their fabrics, comes from there, also, their clothing sold there). Asked me about the design, she said will be working with Visual Designer that I met, also given ideas, based on what he was planning to do. Then said he's looking forward to see more of my work. A week after, My manager said the new display & Illustration was a success, almost sold out, also to replenish their new line will be delayed Than the fashion designer that worked upstairs in his studio, came downstairs with his wife, to talk to me, and said, Congratulations. She said I'll be working with her and the Visual Designer, and they told me my salary. I couldn't talk almost crying, I asked the Manager for help, and they asked, what happened, she told them I was going back to USA. They asked, how come I didn't say anything and when I was going. Said I was waiting for American Consulate's approval, found out the night before and I didn't know when. Told my sister I wanted to stay a little longer, then said I couldn't stay. Mom none refundable tickets and job waiting for me, the next day. Told the Manager, then owner's came in, she told him my last day. The next day, He asked me, one more time, if there's a way for me to stay and said, that I really wish I could, but couldn't. He gave me one of their new silk designer, said don't worry about your bills, and gave me the rest of the week’s paid for.
. USA, Oct. 1989,
A chance to go to College.
Taken some Classes at CCRI in RI, like:
Life drawings,
Graphic Design, and more.
At CCRI, one of the professors, had taken me to the teacher’s office to learn, to use a MAC (never touched a computer and never heard about it). He showed me a Paint program in the Computer, He wanted to see me how far my talent can go. It was Apple's first Computer, with a big huge mouse... Picture printed on paper showing 3 faces, first time a boy, in my life class, second teacher in the office and third a girl in my graphic class. The professor said I can use to practice, learn and teach myself how to use the programs anytime, when the office is opened. Used it when I had time, also, only if a professor, was in the office. I was invited by one of there, Sororities and also, fully accepted to be in College full-time. Unfortunately, needed to stop, because, do to money, and the manager offered me a full- time position

Love to write poems. Written a poem, for Scholarship Competition, where I was finalist. Couldn't do it, because, needed to read in public,, also, finals was located in Florida.
1st - afraid to speak in public...
. 2nd - didn't have money to go,

Continued to teach myself designs, illustrations use other types of materials, ex:
- Oil, pencils, colored charcoal, charcoal, watercolors, pastel, etc.....

- 1996-1997, donated, paintings, to be auctioned, for DUCKS UNLIMITED, within the area of Attleboro and Bristol County.

- 1998 Displayed, my artwork at Seekonk Library, month of the birth of my first child.
- 2001 - won 2nd & 3rd place in the Attleboro Museum (MA) - flower show
- 2002 - won 2nd place in the Attleboro Museum (MA) - flower show.

And More.........

. A lot happened in my life, sometimes I don't know, what I should really write about.
One thing, Most of my work, is I been self-taught, job related or not.
. Can't get a job as an illustrator, opened 2 free-lance companies, to continue to do, what I love the most. Always correcting my English and myself... Trying to remember how to translate details and also, I really don't like to talk or write about myself.

. When my father was alive, he used to say to me:
- Everybody is born with a lot of different Talents, pick and it will feel right.
It's up to you to learn. Discover, Develop, Create, and Enhance, also, look forward what's real important to you. Life is beautiful and has a lot of mysteries
We're all like robots or computers it's up to you to remember to enhance, discover your own skills, it comes naturally. Just make life simple. Making it complicated probably will become a big bowl of dirt that will crush you.
Also, my sister Isabel use to say it to me.
I always will say, thanks to my sisters, for everything, especially Isabel for her wisdom, and Mary making me to discover, learn and being a second mom to me. Thank You: D

Always learning, discovering, enhancing and using my skills and talent, how and using Adobe Photoshop Elements (that's only program, I can afford)
No MAC, just a HP desktop.
No Writing / Drawing Pad, just using a plain Mouse, to draw in this program.

There's a lot of my work, not posted yet, still going through.....
______________________Thank you, for your support and reading a little about my life.

I apologize for the delay
After 10 years of marriage, besides been in bad marriage, after years of DV
Starting a website, hoping to help others, on my own as open book
Honestly, do not depend on certain nonprofits for help.
I am hoping by creating and keeping this website to help others and real nonprofits, that deserve all the help.
Check it out.
Spread out the word