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Welcome, and thank you for visiting,
Because you have found this page means that you have some interest in the mysteries of the unconscious mind, and are ready to find even more enjoyment and success in life.
I’m Nannette DiMascio, founder of The Home of NLP, based in Las Vegas, Nevada.
I enjoy coaching executives and other leaders
The executive leaders I coach are motivated to grow, learn and serve others in the best way possible.
I help my clients go from great to awesome by using uncommon solutions
My clients enjoy a fusion of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and metaphysical, Intuitive methods.
My interest in the workings of the subconscious mind started at age nine when my older brother arrived home from Miami University Swim camp with a booklet on Psycho Cybernetics. After the first page I could not put it down. I was hooked on the workings of the fascinating world of the unconscious.
I earned a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from UNLV, and completed a year of graduate studies in Marrriage and Family Therapy. UNLV is an excellent university. However, I found that even at the graduate level of Psychological studies, I was not given the tools to help people make lasting, significant change in their lives. During my studies I was in health supplement sales and then later I became a Real Estate agent. Both careers required the use of Psychology, yet after 15 years I wanted to go deeper, to really make a difference in people’s lives.
I had heard about NLP from when I started in sales, but did not delve into it with passion until I attended two ENLP (Energy based NLP) seminars given by Art Giser.
At that point I immersed myself in everything I could find about NLP. (I believe I have an obsessive-compulsive learning “disorder” that I enjoy immensely)
I received certificaiton by a top NLP and coaching training company to learn the correct application and training methods involved.
I received my NLP Master Practitioner, Master Coach and NLP Trainer’s certifications and have been working with this powerful system ever since.
I work with leaders on the cutting edge because this is how my work can have a greater impact on the world.
I spend my free time hiking in the beautiful areas around Las Vegas.
My favorite place is anywhere out in Nature, especially with my sweetheart.
On weekends we take the Jeep or the motorcycle to lovely places to enjoy the outdoors where he takes amazing photos.
We enjoy cooking gourmet food, and may also be found at Grimaldi's enjoying a pizza.

And I love cats.

Nannette DiMascio

Here are my credentials:

Certified Master NLP Practitioner - ABNLP
Certified NLP Trainer - ABNLP
Certified Master Coach - ABNLP
Primary Coach at Executive Career Hub
Certified teacher and practitioner of Dr. Kam Yuen's Chinese Energetic Medicine
Practitioner of E-NLP
Intuitive healer
BA Psychology, UNLV. Gradauted with honors (the medals, ropes, etc.)
Graduate work in Marriage & Family Counseling (one year)
Teacher of two UNLV classes, Negotiations and Presentation Skills
Legal CE teacher for Secret Sway in the Courtroom
Realtor Continuing education trainer through Americana Academy since 2010- Mindset Management and Presentation Skills
Previous president of local Las Vegas Toastmaster's Club, Wizards of Ahs
Current member of Toast of Sierra Toastmaster's club
Speaker on topics such as Emotional Intelligence, Negotiations, Persuasion, Sales, Stress Relief, Breath and its Effect on the Mental State, and Energetic Healing
Motivational speaker
Contributor to Natural Awakenings Magazine, Las Vegas (see articles)
Private pilot
10 years Real Estate agent in Las Vegas, Nevada
Ms. DiMascio has over 18 years of success in sales. These techniques have significantly increased her own sales results, and now she want to share them with you. Besides eight years as a real estate Broker/Saleswoman, Nannette DiMascio also owns a successful company which offers sales consulting, keynote presentations, executive leadership coaching and seminars.
Dale Carnegie Training student
Creator of NLP for Coaches program and Secret Sway in the Courtroom
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