Giovonnie Coleman

Freelance Song Writer & Poem Writer

Location:Rosemead, California, United States
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I am an improv up and coming artist and producer. What I mean by that is I can make up a song about anything in any genre of music off the top of my head and it will sound good official and real. Sometimes when you write it's to structural and you don't get that hart felt feeling and emotion as you would by just coming from the hart so I record and write down the song I've recorded afterwards. I have a music production company I just started and I have a long list repretoire of songs dating back from 15 years ago. I literally breathe music as it is a hobby and trying to turn it into a career because I havn't yet gotten paid for it or put anything out yet but I will within the next month or two. All I need is a little start up capital and I know I will be on my way to being very successful. Not looking to sign a record deal absolutely not. Not the path i'm taking. I am a do it myself Entreprenuer and looking to sell some of my hit songs to other artist and gain upfront capital so I can jump start my career because I'm more than ready. I'm here and the future is now.
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Song Writing
Poem Writing