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Tooba Rezaei

Freelance Caricature Artist & UI Designer

Location:Santa Clarita, California, United States
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Tooba Rezaei

Highly motivated graduate in painting, illustration, Art Media and Technology with special interest in 2D animation, illustration, and fine art.

Work Experience

March 2012 - Created ten animated interstitials for Persian Gulf TV (Khalije fars). All design and animation done by Tooba Rezaei

November 2007-2011- Freelance designer for Company Name: Tooba (The Hague/Netherlands) Artist/Designer working from concept development to prototype-ready products for multiple media applications including entertainment, education and custom environments.

2009-2010- Created a painting for display in the city hall of Gemeente Westland -Netherlands

2008-2011- Animation and Illustration for physical therapy video games, SilverFit Company, Alphen aan den Rijn-Netherlands

2008- Game board painting and design for Splotter Spellen, Rotterdam-Netherlands

2003-2005- Saba Film Animation Studios- Illustration, In-betweening and cleanup animation, Tehran, Iran

2003- Theatre Play, make up design and play poster, Khale Ghezi, Tehran-Iran

2001- Make up design and actress for the short movie called "Women", Tehran, Iran

1995-1997- Teaching, Course title: Painting and drawing, Shahid Ghasemi School, Iran

Film Credits/Projects

2007 "The Legend of Snake Shoulder" Story board, illustration, costume design, dance, and animation. Netherlands

2006 "Life is Art" Illustration and animation, Netherlands

2006 "Golden Shining Star" Storyboard, Netherlands

2005 "The Battle of Alexander" Illustration, Tehran-Iran

2005 "The Fly" In-between, Tehran-Iran

2003-2005 "The Story of Ghazaleh" Cleanup and In-between animation, Tehran, Iran

2003 "The Journey to Distant Land" Cleanup animation, Tehran, Iran

2003- "Dream" Illustration, animation, Tehran, Iran

2001- "Women" Actress, make up design,Tehran, Iran

Educational Background

September 2006-August 2007:
Masters degree in European Media (Image Synthesis and computer Animation) European Media Master of Art Graduated with honours relevant courses in Image Synthesis and computer Animation. -European Media Master of Arts in HKU (Utrecht School of Arts), the Netherlands.

-May 2003:
Short term courses training, Tehran-Iran Completed the animation courses of Saba Film Animation Studios ---

-February 1998-February 2003:
Bachelor’s Degree in Visual Arts, majoring drawing and painting, Tehran University of Art, Tehran-Iran

Software Skills
-After Effects
-Maya (basic knowledge)
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Caricature Art
UI Design