Ahmed Hassan

Freelance Flash Designer & Website Designer

Location:Ismailia, Ismailia, Egypt
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Ahmed Mohamed Hassan Metwaly

: Personal Data:

Family Name: HASSAN Given Name (s): AHMED MOHAMED
Date of Birth: November 8, 1989 Nationality: Egyptian
Marital Status: Single Military Service Status: Definitive exemption
Drive license: Valid (Egyptian Local) Email : kingfighter_azl@yahoo.com
Home Address: 5-Elnoras City., Ismailia, Egypt Cell Phone: +20121180249
Home phone: +20643916257 Passport : Valid “No. A03395986”
Language (s): Arabic "Native", English Excellent "Reading, Writing, Speaking".
Computer skill(s): ICDL, Photoshop, Dreamwaver, Flash, HTML, C#, C++, VS 2010, ASP.NET
SQL server, MySQL .

Profession: IT, Information System, Programmer, Web Designer

Education: Bachelor of Information System-July 2010-Elshorouk Academy-
Cairo, Egypt.


• ICDL Certificate Syllabus Version”4.0” serial number”EGY000451624”.

• Web Design Diploma Training course in VISION ACADEMY using”Photoshop, Dreamwaver, Flash, HTML”.

• Web Site Design in Graduation Project Using”Photoshop, Dreamwaver, Flash” For the site graphics and forms “ SQL Server” For the site database “ VS 2010, .NET” For the relations between the design and database.

• English Training course in Berlitz certificate.
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Flash Design
Website Design