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Sharon Baldoni

Freelance Ad Designer & Album Designer

Location:Burbank, California, United States
Phone: 541 840-0665
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I think best with a pencil in my hand! It allows me to bring the ephemeral to the material.
I am a portrait artist, graphic illustrator, fashion illustrator and my specialty is bringing a mystical aspect to my work. My paintings say something more than just how the subjects appeared to others. I try to see their energetic quality, rather than just the photographic detail, as a camera can do that.
My gift is to paint what I see beyond the visible spectrum and to bring a little "extra" to my work.
I have been painting and drawing for well over 20 years and my experience has brought me to do everything from book illustration to product design, architectural illustrations to logos and even medical illustration. I have a Bachelor of Science in Education degree and a Teaching Certificate from Ohio State University.
I am an artist and I love to use my gift.
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Ad Design
Album Design