Freelance Market Researcher & Technical Marketer

Location:Marietta, Georgia, United States
2 Skills
I grew with China Skin & personal beauty care industry from late 90’s, witnessed and engaged the growth from a developing market into a well-developed and comprehensive market. I also led to explore the whitespace and growth opportunity for global emerging market, BRICS, Southeast Asia, Middle East, South America. That I have rich experience to identify knowledge gap and develop concepts, idea, technology platforms and place into launch portfolio. I have intensive knowledge and insight of consumer, business reality and challenges in the developing countries. And Chinese is my mother language, that I have 3 years’ experience teaching in International school and be interpreter to help US business into china.
Personal Experience:
*Experienced R&D franchise Director in Johnson & Johnson, Section Head in Procter & Gamble
*Expert on research and insights covering both design (innovation, new product, clinical portfolios) and delivery (consumer insights, claim/demo, technical product story to support the launch success & continuity)
*Proven success to generate in-depth consumer insight for product, claim development for No.1 value & volume share brand in China. Doubled business for existing and acquisition brand.
*Various Personal Beauty Care categories and brands experience in: 1) Skin Care(Mass & Masstige), Cosmetics, Bar and Body Cleansing, Personal Hygiene care 2) Long term R&D brand experience, 9 years on Olay, 5 years on Dabao (China), 4 years on Savlon, Johnson’s Adult, 2years on Cover Girl, Neutrogena.
*Solid R&D working experience: R&D consumer research & claim/demo&clinical, Quanvert mastery, technical product story creation, test market leadership with external manufacture/global supplier, emerging market.
*China Based, Rich global experience: 16 countries or regions, including China, Japan, Euro, Latin American, Middle East. Key R&D leadership for global technical community governance setting.
*Grow and build consumer research capability: establish different sensory/description panel for prototype development/evaluation, clinical research capability set up; R&D competitor monitoring system, innovation process;
* A passionate talent coach/mentor, my team were high performer in the organization
*Collaborative with rich global communication and conflict sorting skills