Jennifer Seigworth

Freelance Drawer & Artist

Location:Erie, Pennsylvania, United States
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I am a self-motivated professional, driven by compassion to help others, ambition to create results for the productivity and growth of business, while taking special care to leave a positive impression on those I come in contact with on every occasion. I am educated and skilled in diverse areas of work performance, which has proven to be an asset to my employers and my clients. I believe in the attitude that there is always room for improvement and always more knowledge to be absorbed through experience and attention to detail.


1511 Peach Street, Erie, PA 16502

Behavioral Specialist
Job Scope:

o Responsible for overall behavioral management of clients in care at the facility.
o Implementation of collaborative treatment plan in a consistent and equitable manner with all clients.
o Documentation in accordance with policy and procedure. (i.e. Point cards, after care log, daily progress data assessments, case action documentation, group counseling documentation, parenting skill checklist).
o Observe, supervise and provide behavioral modification tools to clients in the residential setting. This support includes behavioral, interpersonal, social-skill coaching, teaching of daily living skills, educational, and recreational activities.
o Utilize the Sanctuary Model SELF (Safety, Emotions, Loss and Future) with clients and coworkers.
o Promote leadership through providing a positive role model and abide by the principles of ART (aggression replacement therapy) Skill Streaming and Sanctuary Model tools.
o Facilitate group therapy sessions with clients for Skills Streaming, Empathy, Moral Reasoning, Community Meetings, ART and recreational therapy.
o Participate in weekly Staff Meetings and staff development training as required.
o Assist in mother/baby care including promoting nurturing and bonding.
o Transporting clients to and from the facility as needed.

1700 Peach Street, Erie, PA 16502

Medical Billing Specialist
Job Scope:
o Responsible for downloading and posting of payments from Medicare, Medicaid, Third Party payers and patient payments.
o Initiating billing, documentation, and collection of patient claims for all payers along with a strong team of fellow medical billers.
o Spearheaded the recovery of several million dollars in medical claims which directly affected the goals set for Great Lakes Home Healthcare Services monthly budget which resulted in a quarterly bonus payout for the entire company.
o Participated in several restructures of the agency which involved complete transition of offices and medical documents as well as supervisor roles. Flexibility is key to success in this business.
o Employee Engagement Representative for Billing Department (Liaison between management and employees).
o Tasked with training of new employees and interns on a regular basis while learning new responsibilities of my own.
o Delivery of exemplary customer service including patient care in the showroom of the agency; including but not limited to training and education of patients in using durable medical equipment and diabetic supplies.
201 State Street, Erie, PA 16550 August 2009- May 2010
Hospital Call Center Agent
Job Scope:

o Main line of communication between physicians and all facilities of hospital.
o Responsible for initiating code responses including emergency lockdowns. Code responses include stroke alert, fire, trauma response teams, and cardiac crash teams.
o Coordinated transfer of patients from state-wide and out of state to the Hamot facility
o Answering service for county-wide medical offices and on call services.

Master of Arts in Professional Counseling
Current Student as of September 2012. Liberty University Online, Lynchburg, VA

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, Healthcare Management
G.P.A: 3.0 Graduated: May 2012. Colorado Technical University Online, Colorado Springs, CO

Associate of Science in Medical Billing and Coding
G.P.A: 3.7 Graduated: May 2009. Colorado Technical University Online, Colorado Springs, CO

Professional Certificates:
o Life Space Crisis Intervention Certification for Mental Health/Behavioral Health
o Specialized Training in Behavioral Analysis
o Certified in Safe Crisis Management for Therapeutic Holds/Restraints
o Project Planning September 2010
o Basics of Accounting March 2010
o ICD-9 & CPT May 2009
o ICD-9 & CPT December 2008
o IT for Healthcare December 2008
o Proficient in Microsoft Office Programs
o Proficient in Article Writing (many published articles)
o Proficient in Fastrack and CPR+ medical billing databases
o Proficient in Medical Terminology and Coding
o Proficient in Online Publishing and Marketing
o Fine Arts

Experienced and Knowledgeable in-Juvenile Justice System, Social Work, Office of Children
and Youth, Family Services, Parents as Teachers
Educated and Specialized in- Aggression Replacement Therapy
- Behavior Assessment and Planned Treatment for pregnant teens with history of mental health due to trauma or loss
Article Writing- Freelance published writing since 2011
Report Writing- Daily, Weekly and Monthly reports for Client Behavioral Health
Off the Palette Custom Art Studio- Owner/Artist established July 2006


More information available upon request
o Excellent communication skills- many years of customer service (in person, on phone and online)
o Proficient content writing skills
o Proficient typing/spelling skills- data entry
o All levels of food service including meal planning, cooking, serving, catering, decorating, event planning, marketing, managing staff as well as payroll functions and account management.
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