Phill Valoyi

Freelance Website Designer & Database Programmer

Location:Christiansburg, Virginia, United States
2 Skills
I am an Undergraduate student at Radford University and I am in the Information Sciences and Systems major with a concentration in Information Systems. I have an Associates Degree in Information Systems and Technology with a Career Studies Certificate in Database Specialist.

I was an Assistant Web Designer in Zimbabwe for eQ Zimbabwe. Where I created templates and organized the formation of the websites content and images. I worked closely with my supervisor in delivering quality websites and I also worked with clients on the functions and purpose of their websites. I was an intern for a non-profit organization located in DC called Strategic Applications International (SAI). I worked on a site where I was responsible for content and image organization which ran on Drupal. I was also a Webmaster Intern for Bonder and Amanda Johnson Community Development Corporation where I was responsible for the updates and layout of the website; I was awarded a Certificate of Appreciation. I also created a website for a client who worked on promoting small businesses for people to go and shop. I am currently employed at Radford University in a work study position, where we handle the schools computer system. If they experience problems with the computers or the system I would attend to see what the problem is with my superior and fix it.I have knowledge of software and programming languages such as PHP/mysql, Java. I am familiar with the Unix/Linux environment.

I feel I am the right person for the job because I can fulfill the requirements that are listed for the task. It would also be a good experience has it is the field of concentration I am in, in my studies here at Radford University. I look forward to working in the position so that I may share my knowledge and advice.

Phill Valoyi